Qualities to Look for in a General Practitioner


While no one wants to go to the doctor, we realize that it is something that has to be done every now and then in order to stay healthy. If you don’t have a doctor, it is recommended that you find one and become a patient with them. Should you just settle for the first doctor you find? While all doctors will be medically certified, some will be better for you than others. Here are some qualities to look for in a general practitioner.

A Warm Personality

One of the most important things to look for in a GP is how comfortable you are around them. Why does this matter? Doctors will be performing physicals on you and will, at times, be dealing with intimate areas of your body. If you are uncomfortable with them, this will be a challenging thing to do. The experts at https://www.broadgategp.co.uk/ recommended going around to several doctors and setting up a meeting with them. This will give you an idea about their personality and how they will act.

If you are uncomfortable around one of them, then it is recommended that you do not choose them as your GP. You will know you have found the right GP when you are able to feel comfortable around them even when you are put in awkward situations. Always look for a GP with a warm personality that you feel comfortable around.

Looking Out for Patient Wellbeing

While it might sound strange, you want to find a GP that is genuinely looking out for you and your well-being. Some GPs will just prescribe drugs whenever there is an issue and send you right out of the office. However, the problem with the medication is that it can have plenty of side effects, and it might not even be the right drug for what you are dealing with.

A good GP is one that takes time to diagnose the patient and waits to see what is happening before prescribing anything. While you want to make sure your GP is not afraid to give you medication, you don’t want someone who will give things out on a whim. A GP who takes the time to get a full diagnosis before coming up with a treatment plan and prescribing medication is a GP that you will want.

Medical Specialties

While all GPs are equipped to handle standard medical procedures, you might have a health condition that requires further insight. Generally, a GP will specialize in several areas and will be able to assist you in those far better than a standard GP. It is important to look for something like this, as you will most likely be seeing them often to deal with these kinds of issues. Find a doctor that can look out for your needs and can do it better than others in the area.


You want to find a doctor who will understand the situations you are going through and the problems you are having. We don’t mean to use your doctor as a therapist, but someone who can connect and understand the medical issues you are having on a more personal level. Look for a GP who understands what you are saying about your body and your health and then acts upon it. No one knows your body better than yourself, and a good GP will understand that if you are offering any advice, it is something that should be considered.


Honesty within the medical field is a double-edged sword. While GPs have to be honest with their patients, being too honest can bring grief and strife. At the end of the day, wouldn’t you want to know everything that is going on, though? A good GP is someone who is able to have a difficult conversation with you regarding health and will then work on follow up steps to prevent things from getting worse. Studies have shown that 1 in 10 GPs has admitted to lying to their patients to avoid causing any problems. Find someone who is not afraid to do the right thing, even if it is extremely difficult.

These are all qualities that you should look for in a GP. It can be tough to find someone you are comfortable with, but you will eventually find one if you keep looking. While we do want to avoid the doctor’s office, we must understand that there will be a time when we have to go there to get treatment. Ensure that you are with the right GP so that visits will be as painless as possible.