Sanofi partners with Health2Sync to deliver digital therapeutics in diabetes


Health2Sync, a digital health startup based in Taiwan, specializing in diabetes management, has entered into a partnership with Sanofi, a biopharmaceutical company focused on providing different healthcare solutions including diabetes.

Through this partnership, Health2Sync becomes one of the Sanofi Diabetes Digital Healthcare Ecosystem partners, the two companies aim to apply the digital solution provided by Health2Sync in 300 clinics and hospitals nationwide certified by Taiwan Diabetes Shared Care Network over the next 3 years to improve diabetes care and management locally, as well as to accelerate digital adoption and transformation for clinics and hospitals.

As part of the partnership, Health2Sync will provide patient management software for healthcare professionals and a mobile app for patients in 300 Sanofi-contracted clinics and hospitals, to realize an integrated and digitized diabetes management. The ultimate goal is to improve patients’ understanding of insulin, increase glucose control and raise the insulinization rate in Taiwan. Health2Sync’s analytics platform will assist doctors in real-time with decision making, treatment planning, and generating insights based on the health data collected with patient consent. The solution will help identify patients suited for insulin initiation and facilitate insulin titration for healthcare providers.

“Health2Sync’s solution brings a new definition to the chronic disease care loop, thanks to seamless data collection, real-time analytics, and ultimately, timely medical intervention. With our focus on digital therapeutics, there couldn’t have been a better market than Taiwan as a start, thanks to the local initiatives and robust medical practice. Our commitment to both empower patients and lessen the burden of the cost of complications arising from diabetes will be further exemplified in this partnership,” said Ed Deng, Co-founder & CEO of Health2Sync.

Moving forward, Sanofi and Health2Sync plan to further collaborate in bringing innovative digital therapeutics solutions to patients and healthcare professionals in Taiwan and other markets.