Singapore General Hospital To Use AI-Powered PPE Check Tool


A computerised system from New Zealand will soon be used by Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to verify that personal protective equipment is worn correctly before accessing an isolation facility. The hospital collaborated with Blue Mirror to deploy its PPE Instructor tool, which was customised to offer automatic supervision and inspections based on SGH’s PPE protocol.

An iPad becomes a virtual mirror thanks to the AI and cloud-based tool. It can be easily moved about areas of need with simple access to PPE supplies because it is positioned on a tripod. The solution was modified to identify Asian features and a variety of skin tones since it was based on a non-Asian demographic and PPE used in Australia, and it was then customised to meet SGH’s needs.

The three modes of the customised solution—PPE Buddy, Train and Practice, and Visitor—have been approved by roughly 200 hospital guests and staff members. PPE Buddy instructs staff members on how to properly wear PPE; the Training and Drill mode is for staff members to review their knowledge; and the Visitor mode gives hospital guests an audio step-by-step guidance and check before visiting an isolation ward.

As per deputy director of the SGH Nursing Division, Ang Shin Yuh, the hospital might still modify the Blue Mirror PPE Instructor in the future for disease-specific procedure, contact tracing, and picture recognition for staff access.