Stroke Rehabilitation: Best Hospitals and Their Approach


After a stroke, the recovery period is supervised by qualified neurologists, physical therapy instructors, massage therapists, and psychologists in specialized hospitals. An individual stroke rehabilitation program is designed for each patient, considering the severity of the health condition. This approach allows for the creation of the most effective rehabilitation course.

How to choose a rehabilitation hospital?

Before choosing a hospital, you need to find reliable information about the level of the hospital, its certification and success rates, equipment and facilities, pricing policy, as well as evaluate patients’ reviews.

The best rehabilitation hospitals for stroke are:

  • Bundeswehr Academic Hospital Berlin
  • University Hospital of Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich
  • University Hospital Frankfurt-am-Main
  • Vivantes Neukölln Hospital Berlin
  • Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur

Among thousands of medical institutions, the mentioned hospitals provide patients with everything that is necessary for recovery, including qualified healthcare professionals, high-tech equipment, a comforting atmosphere, and a wide range of medical and rehabilitation methods. These hospitals provide care for patients with strokes of varying localization and severity.

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Techniques of stroke rehabilitation

The rehabilitation program after a stroke is elaborated based on the level of brain damage. Due to a stroke, speech skills, hearing, and motor activity may become impaired. In addition, vision and memory can be impaired, as well. In severe cases, patients are unable to walk. A rehabilitation complex is chosen in accordance with the occurred changes. It should be systematic, consistent, and holistic.

Specialists at the rehabilitation centers set the following goals for the early rehabilitation period:

  • Activate the patient’s motor functions
  • Normalize the increased muscle tone
  • Speed up the recovery of swallowing function
  • Return the lost skills of walking
  • Improve cognitive functions and eliminate speech disorders
  • Facilitate psychological recovery

Physical therapy begins as early as the first days after a stroke. First, it includes passive exercises in bed. Its task is to prepare the body and limbs to restore movements gradually. Most patients require performing rotations, bending and unbending arms and legs. It is not the patient who performs the movements but the physical therapy instructor. Later the exercises become more complicated; the patient begins to sit up and then is taught to get out of bed. Some patients begin to get up from 3 to 5 days after the stroke; in other cases, it takes 2-3 weeks or more to regain this skill.

Stroke rehabilitation of patients with speech disorders is carried out using unique stimulating and disinhibiting methods that contribute to the first reproduction of individual words. Then coherent situational speech and out-of-situational utterances become possible. Pictures are used with the help of which patients are taught to name objects or actions and repeat individual sounds, words, and make up phrases.

Undergoing rehabilitation after stroke during a lockdown

Rehabilitation should not be neglected as it is vital for recovering from a stroke. The best hospitals abroad offer their most advanced programs for people recovering from a stroke.

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