US firm Healint announces AI-based study of migraine diagnosis in Japan


Saitama Medical University Hospital in Japan and US-based IT firm Healint have launched one of the world’s first clinical studies titled “Verification of Headache AI diagnosis by using Electronic Headache Diary in Telemedicine”.

About 20 renowned headache specialists participated from multiple locations, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area to conduct this research together. From the end of April, they plan to recruit more patients. Healint’s platform is called Migraine Buddy, and is the world’s most used headache tracking application.

Although there are currently 30 million chronic headache patients in Japan, the diagnosis and treatment rate of migraine among non-headache specialists is less than 20%. Under these circumstances, there is an urgent need to develop tools to support the diagnosis of headache.

The study is expected to validate how the artificial intelligence (AI) can support a broad range of doctors in diagnosing patients, and each of their attacks, in order to select treatments as well as to potentially identify the symptom patterns associated with fatal conditions earlier.

This study will lead to a breakthrough in opening the path to precision medicine and diagnosing the condition of migraine, which affects more than 36 million people in the US alone, and hundreds of millions more worldwide. In the future, it will also enable doctors to better diagnose patients with migraine and other related conditions, as well as allow them to select treatments based on accurate diagnosis. The study has been conducted in 2023 and the results are expected to be published soon after completion.