Varex to Highlight Advanced Imaging Components at MEDICA In Dusseldorf


Varex Imaging Corporation announced it will showcase its digital detectors, X-ray imaging tubes, connect and control devices and software solutions at Medica 2019. Medica is attended by leaders in the fields of business and research, and international experts and decision-makers from the medical sector covering the entire spectrum of innovations for outpatient and clinical care.

Varex will also promote its ‘Local for Local’ campaign at Medica 2019 and introduce the company’s Service Solutions Group, which has been developed to provide local service to our customers with increased local X-ray tube and digital detector manufacturing and the aim of being global partners for local business.

“Our aim is to bring innovative X-ray imaging components to imaging systems manufacturers and we want to make that as easy as possible for our customers. By establishing local commercial relationships, delivering local service and support, and sourcing from local suppliers we can be a global company and offer enhanced service capability that is local, hands-on, responsive, and easy to reach” said Sunny Sanyal, Chief Executive Officer of Varex Imaging Corporation.

At Medica 2019, Varex will be highlighting its service and support and European customer experience by:

  • enabling on-time delivery for common X-ray tube types in the radiological range of key brands
  • providing technical support, evaluations and repairs of Varex digital detector flat panels/X-ray tubes at the company’s service centre in Willich, Germany
  • giving access to local expert technical support for CT software, Nexus trainings and inquiries about X-ray detectors and tubes

Varex will be displaying a selection of their extensive portfolio of real-time digital X-ray imaging flat panel detectors (FPDs) at Medica 2019. Varex FPDs are developed using a variety of imaging technologies – amorphous silicon, CMOS and IGZO, which provide different benefits ideally suited to specific medical applications. For Surgery, Varex is showcasing 2020DXV/2121DXV and 3030DXV which are cost-efficient, high performance panels for Image Intensifier replacement. The company is also introducing the Varex Z platform which offers a new performance level with higher resolution and improved low dose performance over Amorphous Silicon, but without the cost burden of CMOS.

Varex Z platform is based on IGZO technology and is very suitable for fluoroscopy applications with their bright scintillators, new electronics and fast interfaces. For Radiography, Varex will be showcasing its complete range of high value (2530W, 4336Wv4, 4343W) and high definition (XRpad2 3025, XRpad2 4336, XRpad2 4343) wireless panels. The Varex team of imaging experts will be on hand at the Medica 2019 to advise customers on technology and packaged component solutions that are most suitable for their application; be it Radiography, Mammography, Fluoroscopy or Computed Tomography (CT). Varex Imaging will be providing Solutions in Sight™ at Medica 2019.

About Varex

At Varex, we aren’t just a supplier to our customers. We aim to be an extension of their teams; a partner in their success; a solution to their problem. Our goal is to enable our customers to become world-class system suppliers by strengthening their competitiveness and enabling them to bring products to market faster. Our rich history spans 65+ years of dedication to the imaging industry. Our knowledge, our people, and our innovation make us who we are. At Varex, we are Solutions in Sight™. For more information about Varex visit: