What Is The Process Of Launching A New Drug?


When people think about promoting drugs in the market, the first thing that comes to mind is that advertising and promoting pharmaceutical products are tricky. To market them effectively and attract customers, you have to be an authority in the field. It takes a considerable amount of money and time to get a good market reputation for your products.

For a successful drug product promotion or pharmaceutical marketing, one has to update themselves about the drug world’s happenings regularly. Here are some of the essential steps involved in launching a new pharmaceutical product in the market:

Drug Development Process

The drug development process can be described as the sequence of steps that medical researchers and companies take to generate new medicines, treatments, or diagnostic tools to treat or prevent diseases. Each stage of this process is essential to the next because only at each step is the likelihood of success higher.

The drug development process is critical because it contains information needed to launch a drug in the market properly. During the drug development process, the company and its researchers already have in mind the drug’s target customers. Having a persona for the potential customers will help the marketing team design advertisements and campaigns after the drug has been successfully formulated and approved by the Food and Drug Agency or FDA.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are done to gather information regarding the effectiveness and safety of new drugs and medical devices. There are various stages and steps of clinical trials in the drug development process. There are many reasons why clinical trials need to be performed and managed. In one way, it’s necessary to make sure the new drug works before using it on a large scale.

The clinical trials stage is also the most expensive. Many companies have used clinical trials phase as an opportunity to begin introducing a new drug to the masses. Some companies have transformed clinical trials experience by providing necessary information to the participants and the public regarding the drug and what it can do to help people.

FDA Approval

Together with other governing agencies in the country, the FDA controls what pharmaceutical products can and can’t be sold in and out of the country. This approval stage allows pharmaceutical companies to sell the new drug. It also allows them to develop further tests and studies to ensure that the product is both safe and effective.

Aside from approving the use of certain drugs, the agency also regulates all advertisements of the products. The company is required to create ads that contain accurate information about a particular drug. The ads shouldn’t be false or misleading. They should include the drug’s effectiveness and prescribing information.


After getting approval from the FDA, marketing and advertising the new drug is the next essential step in its launching. The marketing team can generate strategies on how to introduce the product to the market and reach its target customers from the data gathered from the product development and clinical trials.

Launching a new drug is almost the same as launching a new product in different media, like television and the Internet. Pharmaceutical companies also use various advertising and marketing methods, like building a website and sharing information through social media channels.

Customer Support

Good customer support or customer service system is critical in a product and a pharmaceutical company’s success. As much as it’s true that technology drives the industry, it also makes sense that customers’ support is equally essential for a company’s survival and a successful product launch.

The final process of launching a new drug is providing a broader array of information sources found online. These information sources are different from the ads people see on television or the Internet. More physicians tend to recommend a drug to their patients, not only because of its efficacy, but also based on overall customer experience with the brand.

To effectively launch a drug, companies must be able to provide answers to medical questions. They should also be able to identify patients and connecting physicians with other doctors in the field.

Final Thoughts

Pharmaceutical marketing is critical in launching a new drug in the market. To understand the entire process of launching a new product in the pharmaceutical industry, you need to start at the very beginning—from the drug development until the customer support. Understanding the different processes will help you create better strategies to market your drug and introduce it to the market.