Will Getting Surgery Increase an Injury Settlement?


One of the more common questions that people have regarding compensation claims is the question of whether or not surgery will increase an injury settlement. A good case for this is one where a patient has suffered injuries that resulted from negligence by a medical professional. When a patient is in pain, they are typically unable to work, which means that they will miss out on income and that is certainly going to make it more difficult for them to pay for any other financial matters.

Although a substantial legal settlement can be very motivating, there are some cases where having surgical intervention is not advisable. Lawyers Hipskind and Mcaninch can offer expert legal advice regarding your proposed injury settlement.

Seek Further Legal Advice Before Agreeing to an Injury Settlement

This is why you should seek a medical expert’s advice on whether or not your surgical intervention is worth going through, regardless of the settlement financial consequences to your personal injury. The medical profession might not recommend a lot of invasive procedures for patients who have no previous, serious health problems. It is only when they are advised that a surgery is required that doctors would normally recommend it.

Some patients find that going through a surgery is worthwhile and they end up getting the surgery that they really want. However, there are a number of factors that doctors look at to ensure that a patient will benefit from a particular surgery.

Benefits and Types of Surgical Intervention

First of all, you need to know what the benefits of having a surgical intervention are. If your back pain is due to a muscle tear and not a broken bone, then the amount of money that you will receive for your injury claim will be less. You can get this figure by multiplying your expected recovery time by the amount of time you have spent out of work.

Another factor that doctors will consider is the length of time that you have been out of work. When you were hurt, you were probably looking forward to the end of your back pain.

Type of Surgery is a Factor

The type of surgery that you have is also going to play a role in the amount of money that you get back. Some surgeries are not worth it, as there is often little or no recovery time after the operation. For example, breast implants are often considered a risky surgery for a number of reasons.

You generally will want to be able to return to work fairly quickly after surgery..

Some people choose to take part in physical therapy after their surgery. Although this is an option, it should not be a major one. The reason for this is that physical therapy is not going to do much to improve the range of motion in some specific muscle areas.

Final Thoughts

After the surgery, you may have some pain, but there are many things that you can do to reduce it. You can use ice packs or rest. Your doctor can tell you if you need to avoid lifting heavy objects and certain activities, such as jogging.