ZenVault™ Medical Gives Consumers Complete Control Over Personal Health Records


Hospital & Healthcare Management / Healthcare News / 11th Oct. 2010 :- ZeroNines® Technology, Inc. (www.zeronines.com) announced the launch of ZenVault™ Medical (www.zenvault.com/medical), a Personal Health Record portal (PHR) that gives consumers instant, secure, private access to their medical records online. ZenVault Medical was specifically designed to address the public’s concerns over data security, privacy, convenience, and expense associated with the national push to convert from traditional paper to digital medical records.

ZenVault Medical gives individuals peace of mind, knowing they can read and edit their Personal Health Record anytime, anywhere. Customers can grant controlled access to hospitals and other Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Unlike electronic medical records systems (EMRs) used by hospitals and doctors, a ZenVault Medical Personal Health Record gives patients control of their own health records through a secure, privacy-ensured, mobile-ready website accessible on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other Internet-capable device. Customer data is protected by a patent-pending variant of the NSA-approved encryption protocols that protect top secret information.

A free version of the service enables consumers to create their own complete Personal Health Record. The Premium version, available for a limited time at $2.95 per month, includes advanced features such as a file storage vault and allows practitioners to upload patients’ records. Both versions are protected by the same high security, and both let customers choose who may access their records. Similar to sending an email, patients send their data to any doctor they choose, using ZenVault’s easy and secure message system.

"ZenVault places the power of 21st century diagnostics where it belongs — in the hands of the individual patient and their physician," said Dr. Mark Brunvand, MD, Director of Unrelated Donor Transplantation at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute. "Improved access to patient records in emergencies and cases of serious acute illness will improve patient outcomes. It allows doctors to focus on providing care, rather than tracking down patient files."

ZenVault Medical is independently owned and operated by ZeroNines Technology, Inc. It does not sell, rent, or give away personal information to pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, government agencies, marketers, or other entities. Other PHR providers, such as Microsoft and Google, offer free service, but well-publicized data breaches and concerns over privacy policies may raise doubts regarding the confidentiality of personal information.

The ZenVault Medical data infrastructure is secured by ZeroNines’ patented Always Available™ technology, which was designed to protect the most sensitive banking, military, and medical systems. It can provide virtually 100% uptime despite disasters like storms, power outages, and equipment malfunctions. ZenVault is based in the Cloud, making it flexible and affordable.

"Only about 10% of U.S. hospitals use electronic records," said ZeroNines Founder and CEO Alan Gin. "When we demonstrate how ZenVault benefits patients by enabling them to share medical information with emergency facilities, by simply using their PC, Mac, or other device with Internet access, doctors tell us this could easily save lives."

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