Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility Completes Successful First Year of Clinical Research


Since it started offering patients the opportunity to participate in clinical research a year ago, Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility has provided research opportunities to more than 100 patients, announced Jinous Rouhani, practice CEO.

The top-rated obstetrics and gynecology practice expanded into clinical research in December 2016 by partnering with Elligo Health Research, the leading provider of clinical research services for physicians.

“We always set a high bar to provide state-of-the-art care,” said Rouhani. “For our research arm, we wanted the best partner available and conducted a nationwide search. Elligo helped us complete our mission and exceeded our expectations in every way possible.”

The clinic has worked with Elligo on five studies, offering patients treatment options they otherwise would not have had, while also enabling them to remain under the care of their own physician. For example, in the clinic’s first collaboration with Elligo, clinic patients participated in a study for a new oral pain medication for endometriosis. Elligo handled the logistical day-to-day tasks associated with on-site trial management, freeing the clinic’s physicians and support staff to focus on patients.

“For our first endometriosis study, we became the highest screening and enrolling site in the U.S.,” said Rouhani. “Our patients appreciate the opportunity to participate in novel research without having to travel any further than their own doctor’s office.”

“Elligo is delighted to work with Austin Area Ob-Gyn and Fertility,” said John Potthoff, Ph.D., CEO of Elligo Health Research. “We provide the personnel, processes, technology and infrastructure to make clinical research approachable and easier for practices at no cost, so they can focus on patient care.”

About Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology and Fertility
Austin Area Ob-Gyn & Fertility is a top-rated obstetrics and gynecology practice serving patients in and around Austin, Texas. Founded in 1960, the multi-physician practice features advanced care options for women at all stages of life, including routine gynecological exams, obstetric care, colposcopy and Pap tests, bone density scans, in-office minimally invasive surgery, treatment for urinary incontinence, diagnostic services including ultrasound and 3D mammography, cord blood banking, fertility counseling and treatment, vaginal rejuvenation using the Mona Lisa Touch laser system, as well as skin care and mind-body medicine.