Carle Clinic introduces pageing technology for breast imaging patients


Carle Clinic Breast Imaging in Urbana now uses paging technology in its waiting room. Much like the process for seating in restaurants, patients have the option after checking in to carry a pager that will alert with light and sound when the medical staff is ready to see them.

The pager system especially benefits the Breast Imaging department, where appointments could be delayed in emergency situations, if a physician is on call or if procedures, such as biopsies, take longer than originally scheduled. Pagers allow patients to travel to any building on the main campus in Urbana, including the cafeteria and gift shop, while waiting for appointments.

Mitchell Sussman, MD, division head of Breast Imaging said, This system provides convenience to our patients, who are no longer tied to the waiting room. We are always looking for ways to enhance the patient experience and make the occasional delay less stressful for both patients and staff.

Patients in Breast Imaging have responded positively to the paging system. The system has also proven helpful for patients who are Carle Clinic employees, as they may continue working in their respective departments until the pager alerts.  Carle Clinic has offered a similar paging system in Obstetrics since 2008.