Digital IHC Solution, integrated image analysis for Breast Cancer introducted by Aperio Technologies


Aperio Technologies, Inc., a global leader in digital pathology for the healthcare and life sciences industry, is announced the launch of a digital pathology solution for Immunohistochemistry designed specifically for the clinical market.

Aperio’s digital IHC solution is the only commercially available FDA-cleared system allowing pathologists to run quantitative IHC image analysis while reading slides on a computer monitor. 

A digital IHC system significantly streamlines clinical workflow. By using a single system to read digital IHC slides, perform quantitative image analysis, and create professional reports, pathologists can provide faster turn-around times, more informed decision-making, and accurate and consistent test results.

Eric F. Glassy, MD, medical director at Pathology Inc., stated, After switching to Aperio's digital IHC solution from a different computer-assisted technology, we immediately experienced improved efficiency. More importantly, the interpretation algorithms offer far more control and accuracy, and the reporting capability is superior. We especially appreciate the ability to link thumb nail images on the PDF file to the actual whole slide images. The power and flexibility are simply remarkable.

The digital IHC system includes FDA-cleared algorithms for HER2, ER and PR stained breast specimens for diagnosing digital slides for clinical use in pathology. In addition, the system comes with a suite of image analysis algorithms that can be tuned for different tissue types (e.g. breast, colon, prostate), stains (e.g. HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67, P53, EGFR), reagents (e.g. Dako, Ventana) or to correlate algorithm results with other test methods (e.g. FISH, CISH).

Dirk Soenksen, CEO of Aperio said, An integrated system is key to providing an efficient workflow for pathologists, and a major advantage over add-on image analysis systems. Pathologists can now use Aperio’s sophisticated cell-based image analysis capabilities with the click of a button while reading a slide.

Aperio’s versatile digital pathology platform allows laboratories and pathologists to adopt digital pathology in applications like IHC and then expand the utility of the system to many other digital pathology services such as secondary consultations, tumor boards, quality assurance programs, and proficiency testing and training.

About Aperio

Aperio is digitizing pathology. We provide systems and services for digital pathology, which is an environment for the management and interpretation of pathology information that originates with the digitization of a glass slide. Aperio’s award-winning ScanScope® slide scanning systems and Spectrum™ digital pathology information management software improve the efficiency and quality of pathology services for pathologists and other professionals. Applications include education, remote viewing, archival and retrieval, basic research and image analysis. Aperio’s products are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications, and are intended for research and education use for other applications. For clearance updates and more information, please visit

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