How To Ease Restrictions In An Assisted Living Facility After The Pandemic


The retail and corporate worlds are slowly returning to something that resembles normal after the Coronavirus pandemic, but in the healthcare world, even more caution needs to be exercised.

As such, many healthcare establishments, care homes, hospices and assisted living establishments remain in almost full lockdown. Throughout the pandemic, there has been criticism of this approach, but with so many vulnerable people in their care, it’s understandable that establishments would be wary of reopening too soon.

If you manage an assisted living establishment, be it for the elderly or the differently-abled, then we’ve put together some advice to help you ease your restrictions safely and keep your team and residents safe.

Remain Vigilant

The Coronavirus is still a serious threat to your residents, particularly as no vaccine is available. As such, you still need to be focused on keeping your facility clean and reducing any chance of contamination. If you’re concerned about cleanliness now that the country is reopening, then consider working with a professional healthcare cleaning service. Ideal Cleaning has experience in the healthcare market, and they offer clinical cleans to help you ensure the safety of your residents and staff. As such, they’re the perfect partner for any assisted living establishment looking to keep everyone safe and slowly ease restrictions.

Consider Social Distanced Visits

As the country reopens and more establishments start welcoming visitors again, many relatives and friends of your residents might start asking about visiting your facility. Instead of allowing them to enter, consider compromising by offering them the chance to see their loved ones at a distance. You could set up a specific area on your property that clearly marks where visitors need to stand to keep residents safe, while still having a conversation with them.

Upgrade Your Communication Technology

Another great way for your establishment to reduce visitors and still allow family members and friends to communicate with your residents is to upgrade your communication technology. Consider adding additional phone lines, or providing residents with access to mobile devices so that they can video conference with their loved ones. This approach will help you to reduce the number of visitors who want to enter your premises while still allowing your residents the chance to interact with the people they love and cherish.

Communicate With Your Staff

When enforcing rules, especially ones that aren’t palatable for everyone, continuity is essential. As such, you need to make sure that every member of your staff understands your rules and is able to implement them. Host regular team meetings where you debrief your teams and send out emails or messages with any urgent developments to ensure that everyone is always up to date.

Keep Up To Date With The Latest Regulations

The UK Government is constantly updating its guidelines and regulations around the latest scientific discoveries and the country’s infection rate. As such, it’s essential that you stay up to date so that your facility is always compliant and safe. Follow healthcare blogs and organisations to keep informed and make sure that you fully understand what’s happening and how it applies to your establishment.