Match-on-Card technology sets new standards for Privacy & Security

The healthcare industry is challenged by errors or theft of identity as well as fraud amounting to billions of US dollars each year. Precise Biometrics is now participating in the launch of a new generation of health cards with fingerprint recognition and Match-on-Card together with Secure Service Corp that can help prevent these issues.

Match-on-Card with fingerprint recognition

With Precise Biometrics’ Match-on-Card technology, the card holder’s fingerprint is both stored and matched inside the secure environment of the health card. As no matching of fingerprint information or storage of information takes place outside the card there is no need for an external database, and the personal integrity of the patient is preserved.

Healthcare industry faces several issues

The healthcare industry is facing increasing issues of identity thefts and insurance frauds. The frauds amount to billions of US dollars annually and are related to up-coding and phantom-billing, as well as card-sharing and ID theft.

SHAPE Cards reduces risks

As a means to address and prevent these problems, SSC is the first company to launch a new health card solution based on Precise Match-on-Card™ and fingerprint recognition from Precise Biometrics – the SSC SHAPE Card™.

The solution targets medical clinics within the healthcare industry and will increase patients’ integrity while reducing administration and the risk of fraud.

Gives patients access to medical record

When used by medical staff, the SHAPE Card™ solution provides secure biometric computer, and thereby patient record, access. When used by patients, their fingerprint and the SHAPE Card™ verifies that a patient is who they say they are and makes relevant insurance payment information, electronic medical records and personal health information available to the patient and the practitioner.

Cost-efficiency with fingerprint recognition

Karin Sveheim, Director of Markets at Precise Biometrics says that the Precise Match-on-Card™ technology has much to offer the healthcare industry as a whole.

Karin Sveheim says, A health card must protect the patient’s personal integrity and offer secure identity verification. Fingerprint recognition and Match-on-Card fulfill these requirements in a cost-efficient and secure way. Cost-efficiency comes from the fact that a truly personal card accesses by the use of a fingerprint addresses and solves issues of identity errors, fraud and theft for hospitals, insurance companies and governments, while the patients no longer face the risk of their identities being misused.

About Secure Service Corp.

Secure Service Corp (SSC) is a leading American supplier of solutions to the medical industry that allow doctors, patients and hospitals to share confidential information. This new health card with fingerprint recognition functionality will be a part of SSC’s SHAPE product line, based on MULTOS smart cards. SHAPE stands for Secure Health And Privacy Environment.