Rogan-Delft View Pro-X Viewing Solution for the Totoku Independent Sub-pixel Drive ISD technology


Rogan-Delft, the first PACS company in the world and the winner of several Frost & Sullivan Awards, is proud to announce development of Rogan View Pro-X viewing solution for the Totoku Independent Sub-pixel Drive (ISD) technology.

Rogan-Delft provides its customers with a full range of viewing, archiving and connectivity solutions. The award-winning View Pro-X, available as general diagnostic, orthopaedic and mammography viewer, has been validated with the new ISD technology of Totoku Electric Co. The complete solution was introduced at the RSNA in Chicago in November 2008.

Backed by more than 30 years experience in display innovation, Totoku medical monitors deliver high resolution, high luminance, and ultra-crisp images.  The new ISD technology realizes optimal depiction of image details and gives a faithful reproduction of the images. Driven by each sub-pixel value corresponding to detailed information recorded in an original image, ISD delivers three times resolution enhancement. The outcome is an excellent image reproduction, faithful to the original captured by the modality device .

The combination of Totoku’s high-end medical monitors with the viewing capabilities of Rogan’s viewing software results in a cutting-edge solution for the medical imaging market.

Nobuo Onodera, President of Totoku Europe says, We are pleased to announce this cooperation with Rogan-Delft, this will bring our ISD Technology much closer to the market and to the customer. We are still impressed of the development power of Rogan-Delft and how quick they finally integrated the ISD technology.

Guido Geerts, CEO of Rogan-Delft says, Totoku’s high-performance displays are a perfect match with Rogan-Delft’s viewing solution. Our customers will benefit from the excellent performance and stunning image quality. RSNA attendees who had an opportunity to see our demonstration in Chicago were very enthusiastic.

The solution will be presented again during the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, from March 6th to 10th, 2009. Visit us in EXPO C, booth no. 309 (Rogan-Delft) and in Extension EXPO A, booth no. 6 (Totoku).

About Rogan-Delft

Rogan-Delft B.V., the first PACS company in the world and the winner of several Frost & Sullivan Awards, is one of the major innovators in the market of the PACS solutions.

As the inventor of the Everything On Line (EOL) archive, Multiple Archive Storage Servers (MASS) and Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers (RAIS) technology, Rogan-Delft has repeatedly proven to be the supplier of state of the art solutions. The latest PACS innovation, Rogan OnLine XS is one of the fastest and most reliable solutions for image transmission in the market