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Family Approach to Cope with Young Diabetics

Hospitals Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group
World Diabetes Day is celebrated across the globe in memory of announcement of insulin discovery on that day which has been saving billions of lives since its inception. On this day I would recommend...

Analyst Insight: The Case for Digital Pathology Gathers Momentum

Companies Signify Research
Pathology has long been targeted as an area ripe for digitalisation and is commonly discussed as the next big opportunity in clinical IT. Cut through the hype and explosive growth predictions though and a...

The importance of bringing technology into learning in healthcare

Companies Life Healthcare Group
Technology has undoubtedly and irreparably changed all aspects of our lives, from personal to professional. Unsurprisingly, it has also extended to many areas of healthcare, with research by the World Economic Forum (WEF) showing...

Analyst Insight : EHR Vendor Opportunities for Growth

Companies Signify Research
The US EHRmarket has proved fruitful for many IT vendors over the last decade and has seen several vendors, such as Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH, CPSI, athenahealth and Allscripts grow from relatively small origins into,...

How Can You Get More Referrals to Increase Your Home Care Sales?

Companies Home Care Sales
Word-of-mouth marketing and referrals are a critical aspect of targeted advertising for any business, especially in the service sector. For home health care agencies, their past and current clients, as well as healthcare professionals...

Innovative Materials Now Sought-after for Kidney Stone Management Devices to Facilitate Stress-free Ureteroscopy

Companies Fact.MR
Over one in eleven people in the world are affected by kidney stones. More than 500,000 such patients find the need to visit emergency rooms for kidney stones treatment each year, out of which...

Reach beyond user security awareness, training will never be enough

Companies IS Decisions
The data held by the healthcare industry is highly confidential and includes details on every birth and death, every immunization, basically every interaction you’ve ever had with a medical professional.As a key target for...

Point-of-Care Convenience and The Required Investments in Quality Assurance

Companies The Life Healthcare Group
Point-of-Care testing may be considered essential for patient care in emergencies where time is of the essence and delays in diagnosis and stabilisation mean the difference between life, death or dysfunction.A rapid understanding and...
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Modernizing Device Management to Empower Healthcare Workers

Companies Unisys
Clinical engineers, though not broadly recognized outside the industry, are often regarded as the unsung heroes of the hospital ecosystem. They are a constant, quiet presence as they fix equipment, provide maintenance, and troubleshoot...
14860 - Improve-process-control-process.jpg

The Solution to Infection Prevention: Clinical Process Improvement

Companies LogicStream Health
In every hospital and health system across the country, the fight against infection is a priority for improving patient safety. Clinicians know very well the negative impact of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) on outcomes.Conditions like...


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