NMC Specialty Hospital Dubai receives recognition from the Asian Society for Hernia Surgery

In the context of the Asia-Pacific Society for Hernia Surgery in Taiwan, the Society recognized NMC Specialty Hospital in Al-Nahda, Dubai as a center of excellence in Hernia Surgery, making it the only hospital in the UAE to receive accreditation.

The official accreditation plate was received by Dr. J. Matthew, a specialist in hernia surgery in the Department of General Surgery in the hospital.

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The society is registered in Singapore since 2005 and represents the medical community of hernia surgery in the Asia-Pacific region, such as the American Society (founded 1997) and the European Society (founded 1979), said Prasanth Manghat, CEO & Executive Director of NMC Health.

Following this accreditation, the group organized an international hysterectomy conference, in cooperation with the Asia Society, at the Dussit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi, where a rare and complex hernia operation was carried out directly from the Royal Hospital to more than 300 doctors from the region.