Agfa HealthCare expands portfolio with Surgical Procedure Sets


Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions, announces today that it is displaying its new portfolio of Surgical Procedure Sets at Arab Health 2010. Their introduction in Dubai is the first of several regional introductions. Agfa HealthCare’s Surgical Procedure Sets (which include disposable drapes and gowns for surgery environments) will carry the company’s own brand label: SEPARIO. The company’s new product line offers users comfort, strength, fluids handling and impermeability, enabling care facilities to meet health and hygiene standards and support the well-being of their patients and staff.

SEPARIO is designed to meet the increasing demands set out by hygiene standards enforced in the healthcare sector worldwide. Many of these new requirements focus on creating improved bacterial barriers, especially during surgery.With recent research showing that textile products have much lower barrier properties against infection – Agfa HealthCare has chosen to focus its efforts on single-use gowns and drapes made from laminates and non-woven materials. Agfa HealthCare's new consumables will be distributed via its extensive global logistical network, built on the distribution of medical film. In addition to universal sets, Agfa HealthCare also provides a range of specialty drapes sets designed to make specific interventions easy to perform. SEPARIO drapes and gowns are packed in easy to identify procedure-specific sets and packaged to provide a long and sterile shelf-life.

"We have combined our extensive healthcare know-how, over a century of experience in chemistry, a global logistics and service network, and our understanding of the sector's critical needs, into a new portfolio which meets the needs of our growing customer base", states Dirk Debusscher Vice President Imaging Division of Agfa HealthCare. "We are confident that SEPARIO drapes and gowns will enable care providers and surgery environments to comply with the high hygiene standards required of medical professionals."

"SEPARIO drapes and gowns are distinctive in that they allow no compromise when creating a sterile environment. The entire drape is designated a critical zone, with resistance to microbial and liquid penetration embedded throughout the material – not simply near the incision area, thereby increasing the flexibility of use," says Stephan Fierens, Global Business Unit Manager. "We welcome the opportunity to unveil this new portfolio at this year's Arab Health."

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