Alere Launches Three New Cardiac Marker Test Kits


Alere International launched three new next generation products; Troponin I – a single-analyte, improved sensitivity Troponin I (TnI) test, Cardio2 – a two analyte panel consisting of the new Troponin I and BNP as well as Cardio3 – a three analyte panel consisting of the new Troponin I, BNP and CK-MB.  These improved tests allow for earlier detection of even lower levels of TnI which improves outcomes and benefits the patient, the hospital, the physician office laboratory and the cardiologist.

These new tests represent the further evolution of Alere’s market leading Triage cardiac testing solutions.  These test utilize enhanced TnI sensitivity enabling measurement down to the 99th percentile, a recommendation found in emergency department, cardiology and laboratory guidelines.

By offering this improved sensitivity troponin assay on panels that simultaneous test other cardiac markers at the Point of Care, these products will allow emergency physicians to make better chest pain / shortness-of-breath patient disposition decisions much more rapidly.   When used in a rapid serial draw algorithm, the panel results can identify healthy patients earlier, allowing them to go home sooner and physicians to focus their time on only those patients in greatest need. All three products are designed for use on the Triage Meter.

“Alere continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving patient outcomes through the development of ever more powerful tools for the Point of Care”, said Tom Parenteau, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing.  “We’re extremely excited to bring such innovations to the cardiovascular diagnostics market, ones which enable physicians to make faster and better informed decisions about their chest pain patients”.

The products bear the CE Mark, which expresses conformity with the requirements of the European IVD Directive and allows distribution within the European Union. The tests are now available for commercial sale in Europe, Australia and New Zealand and will soon be available in many other countries around the world.  A timeline for US availability will be established shortly.

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