AMBISEA Introduces the first All-In-One Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner


The innovative architecture of the Comboscan® HD, the first All-In-One Ultrasound Scanner, embeds a scanner and a PC as one conveniently transportable unit. The PC and Scanner are built entirely with the dimensions of a wide high resolution 19” touch screen TFT LCD panel and integrate a fully featured power efficient computer running Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate just like a modern PC. This new type of scanner is as simple to use as Plug and Click to run the ultrasound software and general computer software. The probe is connected to the system as if it were another input device. The Comboscan® HD can be placed on a trolley, wall-mounted, or simply used as a desktop. A second external LCD monitor can be connected for extended desktop use.

Primarily targeted at the general imaging, sports medicine, OB/GYN, vascular and urology markets in private practices and clinics, the Comboscan® HD is a CE Certified multi-purpose Color Doppler ultrasound scanner. It produces high quality compound images comparable to famous cart or laptop-type ultrasound scanners and comes with a full suite of applications-specific probes, calculation package, customizable reports, and unlimited user presets.

The Comboscan® HD can be controlled directly via touch screen, PC keyboard and mouse, or with an optional dedicated ultrasound scanner keyboard. There is no need to have different keyboards whether the user is operating the ultrasound or working on the PC. The user can minimize the ultrasound software and return to Windows and other running applications.

“I really like to work with the Comboscan®. The touch screen makes the work easy and measurements are done very fast. The quality of the pictures is great. In fact, once you are used to work without the trackball you don´t want to use it ever again. I have another ultrasound unit with the trackball and it seems to be very unpractical to me by now. The keyboard and the mouse are a good compensation […]. A great advantage is the possibility to store all the pictures directly in our patients’ database which runs on Windows® 7. No other machine can do it that fast.” commented Dr. Peter Voitl from the Ambulatorium für Kinderkardiologie in Vienna, Austria.

The unique patented Scanner/PC design of this device gives sonographers the freedom of installing any of their patient management software tools, as well as run their usual office software suite for email, web browsing, and word processing. Additionally, they can live-conference with colleagues during real-time patient scanning allowing unprecedented telemedicine applications and archive studies on PACS via DICOM support.

“We believe our concept will attract medical doctors for its multi-purpose ultrasound Doppler functionalities, cost effectiveness, space saving, and convenience and usability; whereas from a single device they can accomplish their ultrasound diagnostics, patient follow up, reporting and archiving tasks as well as install any of their usual office software tools” commented Mr. Stephane Hollande, Director of Engineering at AMBISEA Technology. “Our Comboscan® HD has also all the features of a modern computer with internet connectivity, a large hard drive and memory capacity, and even a DVD burner for recording keepsakes”.

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AMBISEA Technology Corp., Ltd, is an ISO13485 Certified company which specializes in developing and selling innovative portable medical devices. Its main product lines are ultrasound scanners and patient monitors for both Medical and Veterinary use. Established in 2004 as a Hong Kong based company, AMBISEA is a self-funded corporation built around high-class, international R & D and sales staffs. AMBISEA markets its products worldwide through a growing distribution network, although it is especially focused on the Americas and Europe. Thanks to its location in China, AMBISEA additionally acts as a sourcing and purchasing agent for European and American companies. For more information, visit

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