Wednesday 2nd March, Madrid. CeBIT 2011 will be held in Hannover, Germany, between 1st to March 5th. It is one of the most important technology fairs and the most complete ICT digital and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments  showcase.

Ándago will be located in Hall 9 CeBIT Gov in the flag of ICEX’s stand A06.

CeBIT this year is divided into 4 areas: CeBIT pro, CeBIT lab, CeBIT life and CeBIT gov. CeBIT Gov covers everything related to the Public Sector and Telehealth, Gov showing the central role of IT systems in modernizing government and public administration, and telehealth focusing on new technologies for medical offices, hospitals and pharmacies.

Ándago, located in the exhibition area dedicated to ICT Solutions for Public Sector, will show its eGovernment and eHealth solutions. In the eHealth area, Andago will show Open Health Assistant, an Open-Source application that facilitates the interoperability of third-party systems such as medical devices, mobile device platforms, software tools, and personal health records (PHRs) / electronic medical records (EMRs).  It is truly unique in the industry in that can work across devices, platforms, and systems.  It can be customized to meet the evolving needs of patients and health care organizations. OHA platform was released in the Open Health Tools community development forge last week during the OHT Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Ándago eGovernment solutions are a model of e-government based on the electronic processing and administrative interoperability. The four solutions offered by Andago have to do with e-Government, Electronic Contracts, Digital Services and Citizen Attention.