Barco uplifts its successful mammography display system


Medical display specialist Barco has released an upgraded version of its successful Coronis 5MP Mammo mammography display system. Multiple innovations will lift the product's capabilities to the next level of diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiency in digital mammography.

One of the most salient innovations of the enhanced Coronis 5MP Mammo is the integration of a 12-bit DICOM look-up table, which produces 4096 simultaneous shades of gray. This provides radiologists with a higher level of diagnostic precision, making it possible to detect the most subtle of details in digital mammography images.

The display's diagnostic precision is further enhanced by the next generation Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU) technology. PPU measures and adjusts the luminance output of each of the five million individual pixels on screen, thus eliminating distracting screen noise and improving the display's image uniformity from center to corner.

Furthermore, the upgraded system now incorporates a special version of the MediCal QAWeb service, which includes a dedicated mammography quality check. Together with the integrated I-Guard front screen sensor, MediCal QAWeb continuously monitors the display's quality for mammography screening. The intelligent I-Guard sensor also performs automated and intervention-free DICOM calibration and softcopy QA, helping to meet stringent mammography quality standards.

In addition to these new technologies, the upgraded Coronis 5MP Mammo continues to include the proven features that have made it the standard of care in digital mammography. The product's extremely high luminance, high contrast ratio, and dark black levels guarantee exceptional image accuracy. Moreover, facilities will continue to benefit from Barco's DuraLight long-life backlight technology which assures that the Coronis 5MP Mammo will last three times as long as other displays, reducing the total cost of ownership substantially.

To allow for optimum workflow efficiency, the upgraded Coronis 5MP Mammo is bundled with a high-speed Barco display controller. This powerful board lets radiologists load current and prior studies instantly, enabling them to progress smoothly through their diagnostic workflow without having to wait for images.

The new generation Coronis 5MP Mammo has received FDA 510(k) clearance, and is immediately available for commercial distribution worldwide. Similar to all other Barco diagnostic displays, the Coronis 5MP Mammo comes with a five year warranty as standard.

About Barco

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