Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc. Announces Collaboration Agreement With Toray Industries, Inc. To Develop Point Of Care Test For COVID-19 Patient Triage


Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc. announced a collaboration agreement with Toray Industries, Inc. to develop a minimally-invasive, point-of-care test for COVID-19 patients to assess progression of the disease.

Symphony™ IL-6 is the first of many products to be developed on its platform technology that combines microfluidics and nanotechnology to develop point of care tests in liquid biopsies.

Symphony™ IL-6, a portable and integrated point of care test, for the quantitation of IL-6 in whole blood for COVID-19 patients who present progressing symptoms and have a high risk of intubation with mechanical ventilation. Symphony™ IL-6 can be implemented in the healthcare system as an aid in predicting patients at risk for intubation.

Under this agreement, Toray will license its technology and know-how of the product. Bluejay expects to perform clinical trials and regulatory applications through an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the United States and other regulatory approvals globally.…

According to Neil Dey, CEO of Bluejay, “Our new technology developed by Toray can quantitate IL-6 in whole blood without any pre-treatment and would be the first in the market. It augments Bluejay’s research and development strategy of tailored point-of-care diagnostics, namely, finding the right test at the right time for patients. Through our collaboration with Toray, we hope to deliver rapid, point-of-care tests that enhance patient care and save lives.

The agreement provides Bluejay with the exclusive license to Toray’s technology – for development, marketing and manufacturing globally, except Japan.

About Toray Industries, Inc.

Toray is a leading global company in innovative technologies and advanced materials. Since its foundation in 1926, the Company has contributed to society through the creation of new value and addressed global challenges by delivering high value-added products including fibers and textiles, resins and films, carbon fiber composite materials, and pharmaceutical and medical products. It operates in 29 countries and regions with about 48,000 employees worldwide.

About Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc.

BlueJay Diagnostics, Inc. headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, develops, manufactures and markets innovative clinical diagnostic products that improve the quality of medical diagnoses by developing Point-of-Care tests that provide convenience, timeliness, compliance and low cost to physicians and patients in areas where timeliness of the initial triage assessment has a high impact on course of treatment.