Epion Health and Optimize Health Partner to Enable Patient Empowerment


Epion Health, a leader in digital patient engagement solutions and supporting contactless care, announced its partnership with Optimize Health, offering patient-centric remote patient monitoring (RPM). Both known for their industry-leading patient utilization rates, together they aim to eliminate barriers along the patient care journey, ultimately driving patient engagement, RPM adoption and improved outcomes.

“Patient engagement is a continuous process that starts with a patient searching for and scheduling with a provider and continues well beyond the encounter,” said Josh Schwartz, Chief Business Development Officer at Epion Health. “We are excited to partner with Optimize Health to extend the patient engagement experience and further enable hybrid care models to improve patient outcomes.”

Combining Optimize Health’s RPM solution with Epion Check-In, providers can efficiently educate, identify, onboard and engage patients with tailored RPM programs. Epion Telehealth further supports virtual and hybrid care interventions to enhance continuity of care and improve outcomes. Optimize Health enables patients to share physiological data with their providers without the need for a Wi-Fi connection – meeting patients where they are, regardless of their tech literacy or access. Together, Epion Health and Optimize Health address the most common workflow inefficiencies and barriers to RPM adoption.

“Access to relevant, timely clinical data is crucial to true patient adherence and retention, ultimately enabling patient empowerment and improved outcomes,” said Jeff LeBrun, CEO of Optimize Health. “We are thrilled to partner with Epion Health to more easily identify, engage and manage eligible patients, improve both clinical and financial outcomes for practices and deliver tailored care programs that make better healthcare more accessible to everyone.”

About Epion Health, Inc.
Epion Health is a leader in digital patient engagement solutions that empower providers to deliver high-quality care that’s convenient, accessible, efficient and profitable. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easy to connect with patients any time, from anywhere, at all points along the care journey. Epion’s commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service has made us a top-rated, trusted partner to healthcare organizations across the nation.

About Optimize Health
Optimize Health makes it easy for healthcare providers to offer patient-centric, reimbursable remote patient monitoring. Our solution offers a wide selection of affordable devices, which integrate seamlessly with its easy-to-use technology platform, empowering patients and providers alike to improve health outcomes and contain costs.