GE Healthcare launches next generation Biacore(TM) molecular interaction analysis platform

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business today launched the first of a next generation of BiacoreTM systems harnessing Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technology.
Biacore 8K marks the start of a new generation of Biacore systems maintaining the high data quality expected from Biacore at high throughput. New design features efficiently address current industry challenges such as understanding complex targets in drug discovery.
Label-free SPR analysis is a vital tool in the scientist’s analytical toolbox, providing a dynamic understanding of how molecules interact and enabling a thorough understanding of drug/target interactions. This new platform further enables the use of SPR throughout drug discovery, development, and manufacturing. Biacore 8K specifically supports small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization with the quality of affinity and kinetics data scientists expect, increasing operational efficiency.
“As users push the boundaries of SPR, we are working closely with them to deliver the type and speed of analysis that they are looking for,” commented Cindy Collins, CEO/GM, Protein Purification & Analysis and Cell Therapy for GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business. “We are also seeing an increase in the use of label-free SPR-based analysis in the immuno-assay area, replacing traditional ELISA-based methods and some cell-based assays. Supporting early-stage complex biotherapeutics development is also in demand, as well as process development and quality assurance.”
Biacore 8K is the first of a new generation platform specifically developed to deliver enhanced productivity and performance up to eight times faster1, simply. Completely redesigned hardware and software takes label-free SPR-based analysis well into the future, delivering high-quality data that supports better and faster decision-making across all areas of drug discovery2, including small molecule and biotherapeutic screening and characterization.
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