HIMSS Asia Pac’11 Focuses on eHealth Record

The HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Asia Pac ’11 Conference and Exhibition incorporating the HIMAA 2011 National Conference,  opened on Tuesday, bringing together leading international experts in healthcare information systems  and technology.
The three-day event, which is being held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, is  particularly relevant, given Australia’s National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) is establishing a  national eHealth infrastructure. The organizers have put together a special Australia and New Zealand track for country-specific sharing and learning opportunities.
“It is the first time that we’ve held the HIMSS Asia Pac conference in Australia and we’ve brought  together some of the world’s best health IT practitioners.  It’s great to be able to facilitate information exchange for effective deployment of healthcare IT solutions to improve patient care and delivery across  the region ," said H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, HIMSS President/CEO.
Dr. Mukesh Haikerwal (AO), National Clinical Lead for NEHTA, who delivered the keynote address to  open the conference said that the release of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) Concept of Operations in September was a major step forward for eHealth in Australia and 1 July 2012, will be when all Australians will have the opportunity to register for an eHealth Record. 
“Extensive engagement and consultation has been undertaken to get to this point. I am confident we are building an exceptional and world-leading eHealth system for Australia. ” he said. The HIMSS Asia Pac’11 conference has several key features including a Leadership Summit and the  HIMSS Interoperability Showcase.™ 
At the Leadership Summit, the presentation by John P. Hoyt, Executive Vice President, Organisation  Services, HIMSS Analytics, will highlight the results of the first HIMSS Asia Pacific Leadership Survey with a view to anticipating IT priorities for the region as well as barriers to technology adoption. Preliminary results show that a third of the survey’s 240 respondents are focused on clinical solutions such as computerized practitioner order entry (CPOE) or electronic health records that could help improve the quality of patient care.
The interoperability showcases are unique events that demonstrate the power and availability of standards-based health IT solutions by demonstrating clinical use cases that allow participants to create a patient record and watch it move from system to system across a continuum of care. For the  Melbourne conference this year, the event is being organised on all three days in collaboration with 
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise™ (IHE). “This year, we will demonstrate how health information  exchanges can allow viewing of diagnostic images from multiple care settings,” said Mr Steven Yeo, Vice President, HIMSS Asia Pacific.
The conference will feature about 70 speakers from around the world, 77 presentations and five panel  discussions.  From pre-conference symposia and the leadership summit, to thought leader programs and education sessions, HIMSS Asia Pac’11 offers an opportunity to network with the growing healthcare information industry’s best minds. 
“Victoria is particularly pleased to be hosting the first HIMSS Asia-Pacific Conference to be held in  Australia . Participants are hearing directly from experts in different countries in the region who are dealing with very similar challenges, whether in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Chile, New Zealand or Australia and this is exactly the kind of information exchange we were hoping for,” said 
HIMSS Asia Pac’11 Organising Committee Chairman Dr. Andrew P. Howard.
About 75 leading companies offering healthcare IT products and services are showcasing their cuttingedge technologies and innovative health IT solutions at the Exhibition.
The conference and exhibition, which is organized by HIMSS Asia Pacific, is the sixth edition in the  region. Since its establishment, HIMSS Asia Pacific has successfully organised HIMSS Asia Pacific Conferences and Exhibitions around the region, in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Korea. It returns next year to Singapore, where it will be held at the city-state’s exciting new destination venue of Marina Bay Sands. 
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