Janssen’s Diego Miralles in the running for Lifetime Value Achivement Award


Janssen’s Diego Miralles’ 13 years of visionary work has made him one of just four frontrunners for one of the most prestigious accolades pharma has to offer.  But will he be the first to be crowned the USA’s first Lifetime Value Achievement Award Winner next month? All will be revealed.

April 7th sees the first ever eyeforpharma Philadelphia Awards ceremony, conceived to recognize pharma for prioritizing and focusing on its customer.

Miralles, together with 3 other finalists from AstraZeneca, PAAB and Pfizer, has been shortlisted due to his unique approach to healthcare innovation. Miralles, currently working as the Global Head of Innovation, has introduced several initiatives over his career including integrated care businesses, novel technology for patient-provider communication and various endeavors in the fields of infectious diseases and internal medicine.

Following the success of eyeforpharma’s Barcelona Awards, the North American flagship’s inaugural award ceremony will provide the attending top-level pharmaceutical executives with an insight into those who have been pioneering the latest research, advancements and success within the industry.

eyeforpharma first pioneered its Awards concept in Barcelona last year, rejecting the typical ‘best rep’ or ‘best digital campaign’ approach seen by existing industry shindigs. The winner of the ‘Most Impactful Emerging Initiative Award’ from that ceremony, Leon Spamer of AstraZeneca, spoke out a few weeks after his name was drawn. “I can honestly say that winning this Award has justified and given substance to all our efforts.”

The winner of April’s award will cement a new minimum standard for high-achieving pharma executives; one that comes with expectations of exemplary service to customers and patients. This is the sort of benchmark we need to support, going forward.

A comprehensive list of finalists can be found online here:

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