Kroger Health and PTS Diagnostics Partner to Help Americans Better Prevent Diagnose and Treat Diabetes and Heart Disease


PTS Diagnostics and Kroger Health, The Kroger Co.’s nationwide arm of health and wellness facilities, services and programs, announced the full rollout of CardioChek Plus analyzers for point-of-care blood testing to help identify individuals at-risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

CardioChek Plus analyzers provide accurate, on-site results in as little as 90 seconds using the same technology as clinical laboratories. Its speed and portability combined with the reach and influence of Kroger Health pharmacies and clinics will increase the number of potential patients who are able to receive preventative health screenings and begin clinical protocols.

“With nearly one-third of Americans suffering from diabetes, prediabetes, or high-cholesterol, the time for more innovative and turnkey solutions is now,” said Colleen Lindholz, President, Kroger Health. “One of the best ways to combat these issues is to ‘know your numbers’. And that’s why easy, economical and efficient testing methods are so important. When you know if you’re at-risk, you can take the actions necessary – whether that is with your diet, exercise or medication – to begin living a healthier life.”

The CardioChek Plus system accurately tests lipid profile and glucose simultaneously with one fingerstick, eliminating the need for additional testing or machinery, and enabling a more seamless process for the customer. It is one of the fastest, most cost-efficient, and user-friendly analyzers in the world. The system measures total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose, and provides real-time readings and ratios that are immediately documented by trained associates onsite. Because of its handheld, portable design, the CardioCheck Plus analyzers are easy to transport, store and operate.

Implementing the switch to The CardioChek Plus in all Kroger Health locations is another meaningful move towards eliminating preventable disease through early identification, targeting disease progression. Additionally, the speed and portability of The CardioChek Plus combined with the reach and influence of Kroger Health pharmacies and clinics increases the number of patients able to receive preventive screenings and begin clinical protocols.

“Our partnership with Kroger Health is an important step towards improving the overall state of population health,” said Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS Diagnostics. “Nearly 90 percent of Americans live within five miles of a Kroger Health pharmacy or clinic and these individuals can now be quickly monitored for cardiometabolic conditions.”

Kroger Health includes more than 22,000 healthcare associates across over 2,100 pharmacies and clinics. Their trained professionals provide services, treatment and coaching in multiple areas, from nutrition counseling and weight loss programs, to diabetes prevention and immunization services. The CardioChek Plus rollout coincides with Kroger Health’s broader health and wellness initiatives, including the “Wellness Your Way” campaign, designed to provide personalized solutions for healthcare to the more than 60 million Americans who visit the Kroger family of companies – including Kroger, Ralph’s, Fry’s, and Fred Meyer – each year.

The CardioChek Plus is FDA – cleared, CLIA – waived and meets National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines for accuracy and precision. The final rollout of analyzers will be complete by February 2019.