LiveData Launches PeriOp Planner Realtime Solution to Plan,Visualize and Analyze Surgical Scheduling


LiveData, Inc introduced LiveData PeriOp Planner™, a web-based solution that synchronizes surgical scheduling by visually coordinating the patient’s steps from first referral through scheduled surgery. With PeriOp Planner, patients will be prepared for surgery and last-minute cancellations will be avoided.  Hospitals can accurately track and assess patient readiness and resource requirements in real-time to maximize efficiency and operating room utilization.

PeriOp Planner integrated tools include Service Block Planner™ and Surgery Planner™ with PreOp Workup.

LiveData Surgery Planner allows clinical staff to plan surgical cases, coordinating the patient’s progress from first referral to the day of surgery. Clinical staff use PreOp Workup to create an interactive preoperative checklist that is customized for the individual patient and case. Completion of workup items, such as labs, images, consults, transportation, admission status, and other surgical prerequisites are tracked and updated as the patient prepares for surgery.

LiveData Service Block Planner allows schedulers and OR managers to create and manage a master block schedule as well as fully control the details of the schedule. Service Block Planner provides two views. Master Block view displays the facility’s master schedule. Weekly Block view enables staff to override blocks in the master schedule to accommodate exceptions, such as physicians’ vacations, room closures, maintenance, or changing schedules for a service in a specific week.

LiveData PeriOp Manager and PeriOp Planner integrate seamlessly with EMRs and hospital information and scheduling systems using LiveData Real-Time Integration™ (RTI), the technology backbone of the solution that keeps clinical providers and resource managers synchronized, eliminating the need to use phone calls, faxes, and multiple separate electronic systems to stay up to date on patients, cases, and surgical resources.

Clinical staff can check to see if patients need reminders to complete labs or consults prior to surgery or to determine if anticipated surgical dates need to be changed. Hospitals and operating room schedulers can view and search patients’ preoperative work plans to improve case forecasting, fill surgical blocks, and identify potential cancellations.

 “LiveData PeriOp Planner increases the power of LiveData PeriOp Manager solutions to  transform surgical healthcare delivery through informatics,” comments Jeff Robbins, CEO and President of LiveData, Inc. “PeriOp Planner coordinates and improves access to care,  drives performance and efficiency, provides data to measure quality and outcomes, and most importantly, improves the patient experience of care.”

Introduction at OR Manager Conference 2016

LiveData is introducing PeriOp Planner at the OR Manager Conference, Sept. 21-23, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. OR Manager is the premier exhibition, networking event, and learning experience for OR managers, directors, administrators, and other leaders in the surgical suite.

LiveData PeriOp Manager

LiveData PeriOp Manager is a real-time workflow automation solution that coordinates and manages the patient’s care on his or her journey through surgery. From preoperative assessments through surgery to discharge, PeriOp Manager helps surgical teams improve communication, patient safety, and operational efficiency.

LiveData PeriOp Manager’s suite of operational intelligence solutions includes:

PeriOp Planner: a scheduling workflow solution that visually coordinates the patient’s steps from referral through preparation to scheduling.

Patient Flow: a patient check-in process integrated into perioperative workflow tracking.

PreOp Board: a single, dynamic, operational view of patient status and perioperative case workflow confirms that the necessary prerequisites for surgery are completed in time to ensure on-time starts and reduce unnecessary rescheduling or cancellations.

OR-Dashboard: a display of patient information, visible to the entire surgical team, integrating data from hospital medical records and physiological devices with automated surgical workflow and patient safety information, including Active Time Out, a real-time, interactive surgical safety checklist.

OR-Schedule Board: a real-time view of the day’s surgical cases, enabling scheduled procedures to be adjusted as the day unfolds to reduce unnecessary cancellations, staff overtime, and to improve overall patient throughput.

Family Waiting Board: a display designed for public areas to enable families to track the progress of their loved ones as they move through the surgical process.

PeriOp Manager Analytics: a comprehensive big data analysis, transforming real-time operational data into actionable quality, compliance, and efficiency intelligence.

About LiveData
LiveData, Inc. is a leading innovator in real-time operational intelligence solutions that enable caregivers to plan, visualize, and analyze the patient’s surgical journey. Leading medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and Veterans Health Administration facilities have selected LiveData solutions to improve patient safety, team communication, and perioperative efficiency. LiveData is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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