Medline Invests $20 Million in Flush Manufacturing Facilities Expansion


According to the CDC, considerable progress is being made in preventing central line associated blood stream infections, but further improvement is still needed. An estimated 30,100 central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) still occur in intensive care units and wards of U.S. acute care facilities each year. It’s an ongoing issue that typically causes prolonged hospital stays, increased costs and risk of mortality. Yet, it is largely preventable when evidence based products and practices are followed for the insertion and maintenance of central venous catheters or CVCs.

SwabFlush is the only IV catheter flush syringe that provides a disinfection cap for needleless IV connectors, built into the plunger of the syringe for the vascular access and infection control markets. The all-in-one combination of the disinfection cap and a pre-filled flush syringe promotes compliance with required protocols for both catheter flushing and disinfection of IV connectors. As a final flush, it ensures that the disinfection cap is always readily available to protect the connector between line accesses.

The flush syringe market is currently valued at nearly $250 million and the increase in aging baby boomers entering the healthcare system continues to drive the demand. As a result, Medline is investing $20 million to expand and advance its flush manufacturing plants in Wisconsin and New Jersey.

“Infection prevention is a key focus for health systems across the care continuum and it is crucial that Medline is able to provide effective solutions that enhance their initiatives,” says said Dante Tisci, president, Dynacor division, Medline. “By enhancing and expanding our SwabFlush product line, Medline can better meet our customers’ demands for reducing the rate of infection and containing costs.”

Medline first entered the flush syringe market in 2015 when the company purchased the operating assets of SwabFlush and the pre-filled saline and heparin flush syringes from Excelsior Medical. As part of the deal, the company also acquired more than 400 employees based out of the 200,000 square foot plant in Neptune. Since acquiring the business less than one year ago, Medline cleared a 30 million unit back order.

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