NanoMaxx™ changes respiratory patient management in Welwyn


The portability and ease of use of SonoSite’s NanoMaxx™ point-of-care ultrasound systems have enhanced management of pleural effusions at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital (QEII) in Welwyn Garden City. Consultant Respiratory Physician Dr She Lok explained: “Aspiration and drainage of pleural effusions has traditionally been conducted by clinicians on the relevant ward, with the presence and position of fluid determined primarily by clinical assessment, assisted by a chest x-­ray. This strategy could easily lead to dry taps – causing unnecessary discomfort for patients – or inappropriately placed drains, which could potentially be dangerous. To deal with this issue, we have modified the clinical pathway for dealing with suspected pleural effusions, introducing bedside ultrasound scanning to improve patient care.”
“Because this service can be required anywhere in the hospital, we needed a portable, sturdy instrument, and SonoSite’s NanoMaxx system is well suited to the job. It is easy to use and provides good image quality, allowing us to perform real-time imaging for diagnosis and needle guidance. The introduction of these systems has also allowed us to change the way pleural effusions are managed, with all cases now dealt with by a member of the Respiratory Medicine team trained in chest ultrasound. This has accelerated diagnosis and treatment, ensuring we provide the best possible care for our patients. It has also virtually eliminated the need to transport these patients around the hospital for an ultrasound scan, reducing the pressure on our busy Radiology Department.”
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