Neurosign launches free easy reference poster for intraoperative nerve monitoring


Neurosign has developed a free, easy reference poster for users of intraoperative nerve monitoring (IONM), detailing basic set-up and procedures. Already laminated, the poster can be put up near an IONM device as a simple aide memoir.

Proper and appropriate use of intraoperative nerve monitoring can be of great benefit to hospitals, surgeons and patients alike. In ENT, Neurosign is used to monitor the facial nerve during:

·         Parotidectomy

·         Mastoidectomy

·         Cochlea implant

·         Submandibular gland excision

It can also be used to monitor the accessory and hypoglossal nerves during neck dissections.

With the aid of the laryngeal electrode, it can be used to monitor thyroid patients. This is a cost-effective electrode adhering to a standard endotracheal tube, so the anaesthetic department does not have to stock special tubes nor have to use non-standard tube sizes. Using the device, both the recurrent and superior laryngeal nerves can be monitored.