New CLINITEK® Status Urine Analyzers Offer Innovative Quality Checks and Connectivity


Siemens expands its point-of-care urinalysis portfolio with two new systems—the CLINITEK Status®+ Analyzer, featuring several new automated quality checks (Auto-Checks) when used with Siemens urinalysis strips, and the CLINITEK Status® Connect System, featuring innovative connectivity features to enhance testing oversight capabilities and streamline data management for hospital and physician office-based urine testing. Both systems are now available in Europe and Japan and the company plans to make them available globally within the next year.

The CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer now offers advanced quality checks to improve the accuracy of clinical information, including automatic checks for common sample interferences and a check for humidity over-exposure, depending on which Siemens urinalysis test strip is used. The analyzer also saves clinicians valuable time by automatically identifying the type of urine test strip it is evaluating, eliminating manual entry of this information. The CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer can be upgraded to support connectivity to the patient’s electronic medical record or other data management options and offers a comprehensive urine test menu, including hCG pregnancy testing.

The new CLINITEK Status Connect System combines the CLINITEK Status+ Analyzer with a connector platform to integrate data directly to laboratory information systems or via point-of-care data management systems. By automatically transmitting urinalysis patient and quality control test results, the CLINITEK Status Connect System helps to streamline documentation, eliminate manual transcriptions, improve productivity and reduce errors.  The system also offers increased testing oversight capabilities by storing up to 700 operator IDs that can be programmed with varying levels of system access, preventing unauthorized use of the system.  Operator and patient identification, as well as lot and expiration dates, are transmitted with test results to improve risk management of urinalysis test reporting. Additionally, the CLINITEK Status Connect System enhances quality control (QC) management capabilities by allowing test lockout if quality controls fail or are not performed.

“These CLINITEK innovations offer next-generation quality checks and automation capabilities to help clinicians achieve even greater levels of efficiency and accuracy in urinalysis testing,” said Hanjoon Ryu, Senior Vice President, Point of Care, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “We will continue to work closely with physicians and laboratories to create industry-defining innovations for point of care testing.”

CLINITEK is the most widely used urinalysis brand worldwide with customers purchasing over 65,000 CLINITEK Status Analyzers since 2003. For more information, visit

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