New solutions for precision cancer treatment on display during ESTRO29 in Barcelona, Spain


Healthcare Market Reports :- Nucletron, a knowledge-based leader in radiation oncology, today announced a large number of exciting innovations for precise cancer treatment that will be in the spotlight during ESTRO29 in Barcelona. The company will be showcasing the latest developments in cancer treatment solutions for both brachytherapy and external beam.

The complete program for prostate brachytherapy

Nucletron Prostate Solutions is the first complete program for prostate brachytherapy,
integrating state-of-the-art Oncentra software and high-class brachytherapy equipment. Next
to years of evidence confirming favorable cure rates, these advanced solutions shorten
overall treatment times, while reducing risks of impotence and incontinence. Available for
two treatment types – Oncentra® Seeds for permanent low dose rate (LDR) seeds implantation
and Oncentra® Prostate for high dose rate (HDR) – it offers the best choice of treatment for
many prostate cancer patients.

Breast brachytherapy: See what you treat, treat what you see
AccuBoost™ is the first technology to use HDR brachytherapy treatment of breast cancer in a
non-invasive way, utilizing real-time mammography imaging to accurately target the radiation
dose directly to the lumpectomy site. AccuBoost can be delivered either prior to or after
the main external beam portion of a woman’s breast irradiation treatment.
Pioneering developments in gynecological brachytherapy
Whether you use CT, MR or any other imaging modality, Nucletron can offer a suitable
applicator for gynecological brachytherapy. The newest in our range of applicators are the
Multichannel Vaginal Cylinder for asymmetrical and advanced vaginal and cervical tumors, and
the Rotterdam Cervix Applicator, designed for fast and reproducible treatments. These two
applicators give ultimate precision in gynecological brachytherapy.

Optimal speed and precision in treatment planning

Oncentra® 4.0 is the newest version of Nucletron’s multi-modality treatment planning system
for brachytherapy and external beam treatment. Oncentra v4.0 is the first ever platform to
use GPU technology to increase plan accuracy and reduce planning times from hours to
minutes, especially for VMAT calculations. New Oncentra Brachy features, such as applicator
modeling, library plans and output manager, are specially developed to make brachytherapy
treatment planning easier and faster.

Flexitron numbers talk
The Flexitron afterloader takes brachytherapy to a new level. It helps to shorten
preparation time and reduces the chance of human errors with its straightforward Absolute
Source Positioning. It sets a new safety benchmark, with features like the precise source
drive. It’s not just words, Flexitron’s numbers talk and improve safety!
Visit Nucletron during ESTRO29 at booth 170 to find more information on the latest
innovations in precision cancer treatment, and to receive a demo. Visit for more information.

About Nucletron
Nucletron provides state of the art radiotherapy solutions for cancer treatment that meet
the evolving needs of patients, their caregivers and healthcare professionals around the
world. Nucletron has unmatched global leadership in brachytherapy, a very precise, highly
effective and well-tolerated treatment option for healthcare providers, tailored to the
needs of individual patients. We work with clinical teams to constantly improve and develop
an innovative portfolio of integrated products, software and services that assures excellent
patient outcomes. Headquartered in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, Nucletron employs more than
500 employees, with offices in 15 countries, and products available in more than 100
countries around the world. Please visit to learn more about our
healthcare solutions.

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Marketing Communications Manager
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