“SonoSite’s M-Turbo(r) vital to intensive care at Royal Surrey”

The Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford, relies on SonoSite’s
M-Turbo(r) point-of-care ultrasound system for diagnosis and treatment
in its intensive care unit. Dr. Justin Kirk-Bayley, consultant
intensivist and anesthetist explained: “The Royal Surrey County
Hospital is a leading general hospital and specialist tertiary center
for cancer  and hepatobiliary and oesophagogastric surgery, and our intensive care unit
supports a lot of major surgical work. We had outgrown our previous
an ultrasound system in terms of the image quality we wanted to achieve,
and upgraded to the M-Turbo so that we could broaden our range of
ultrasound capabilities, as well as having an instrument suitable for
training purposes.”
“The M-Turbo is an asset for diagnosis and treatment purposes, meeting
all our needs. We can accommodate several different probes and switch
between them at the click of a button. It also allows us to perform
echocardiography, offering the image quality that radiologists and
cardiologists are used to and eliminating the need to borrow equipment
from other departments. The easy to use interface, with its large,
clearly labeled buttons, makes the system very, very simple to learn
and remember, so the M-Turbo is also an ideal training tool. There is no
significant startup time, you can get scans up and running straight
away, and the learning curve is very shallow indeed; trainees pick
things up very quickly. The M-Turbo’s robustness is equally important,
as ITU is a fairly rigorous environment. We have had the M-Turbo since
March, and everyone loves it. The quality of the images achievable with
it is fantastic, and one almost couldn’t hope for anything better.”
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