Virtua Selects Picis Perioperative Solution for Nine Facilities


Picis announced that Virtua, the largest integrated delivery network (IDN) in Southern New Jersey, has selected Picis CareSuite® perioperative and anesthesia software solutions for its nine facilities, including four acute care hospitals and five ambulatory surgery clinics. Virtua chose Picis integrated technology to deliver clinical and financial information more quickly and accurately, thereby promoting quality patient care.

Using Picis’ total perioperative automation solution, Virtua plans to streamline clinician workflow through the entire surgical process, unify and centralize documentation on one perioperative platform and capture data from medical and monitoring devices directly in the patient record. The Picis solution is designed to update data automatically in the patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and make it readily available for use in treatment and management reporting. Picis’ powerful integrated solution eliminates redundancies and improves the accuracy of information, allowing clinicians to spend more time on direct patient care and less time documenting, searching for information or transcribing data from other systems.

By accumulating a patient record from preoperative evaluation through surgery into post anesthesia care and recovery, Picis enables clinicians and families to easily track the progress of a patient across this critical pathway, recognize milestones and be prepared for each step in the process.

Before selecting Picis, Virtua’s 14-member selection team conducted an extensive search of operating room (OR) management information systems to identify the one best able to meet the needs of its diverse, multifacility environment. Following several rounds of product demonstrations conducted by several of the largest providers in the industry, Virtua selected Picis solutions based in part, on their demonstrated ability to drive process improvements in patient throughput and quality initiatives, provide proven device connectivity of the electronic patient record and promote interoperability with hospital information systems (HIS) – including Siemens Medical Solutions, which are in use at Virtua.

“Virtua is dedicated to providing an outstanding patient experience and I believe that Picis will help us achieve that goal by advancing the delivery of clinical information and continuity of care across our sites,” said Richard Miller, President and CEO, Virtua.

The integrated set of Picis solutions support logical clinical and information workflow, provide intuitive reporting and the flexibility to meet the needs of individual hospital and ambulatory centers, as well as the healthcare enterprise. Virtua plans to implement OR Manager, Anesthesia Manager, PACU Manager, SmarTrack®, Extelligence® OR, Extelligence Anesthesia and Picis Perioperative Dashboard, all part of the CareSuite family of high-acuity solutions.

“We are impressed with Virtua’s commitment toward quality and their use of technology to further implement best practices in the high-acuity care areas where patients are most vulnerable. We’ve watched Virtua grow to become one of the most well-run and financially stable health systems in the country. Our CareSuite perioperative product suite will further assist Virtua in extending their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives to the operating room and related services,” said Todd Cozzens, CEO of Picis.

Virtua plans to implement Picis’ suite in the following New Jersey hospitals and outpatient surgery centers: Virtua Memorial in Mount Holly; Virtua Berlin; Virtua Marlton; Virtua Voorhees; Advanced Surgical Institute in Sewell; Virtua Summit Surgery Center in Voorhees; Vantage Surgical Center in Medford; Virtua and Wellness Center in Sewell and Virtua Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center in Mount Holly.

Picis software has been delivering operational efficiencies, improved communication and enhanced clinician and patient experiences at hospitals worldwide since 1994. More information on the company can be found at and for more information on Picis’ position on the ARRA HITECH stimulus incentive and meaningful use.

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