Vital to Showcase Enterprise-wide Modular Imaging Strategy at HIMSS 2017

Vital Images, Inc , a Minneapolis-based advanced medical imaging and informatics company will feature Vitrea® Modular Enterprise Imaging interoperability solutions at HIMSS 2017 in booth 3969, February 20–23, Orlando, FL.  

Vital's modular enterprise imaging solution is a comprehensive, customer-centric and scalable platform for personalized viewing, image management, workflow and resource planning designed for healthcare organizations to revitalize, consolidate and maximize existing healthcare IT infrastructure. 

To that end, Vital is announcing the launch of two new solutions within the modular strategy: Vitrea VNA connect deployment and Olea PulseTM, powered by Olea Medical®. The Vitrea VNA connect deployment is a fully aware monitoring and retrieval technology allowing for centralized access to images that are in disparate PACS. Engineered to support multi-site and unaffiliated entities, a wide range of capabilities are available including patient matching, DICOM data alignment, pre-fetch and distribution.  Olea Pulse is a fully automated CT/MRI post-processing solution with automatic and instant report delivery by email to enhance confidence and productivity.
Vital will also demonstrate a work in progress predictive financial analytics application that helps healthcare leaders see the future financial success of their imaging businesses and receive prescriptive recommendations for achieving revenue and cost saving opportunities.
"With the recent close of Vital's acquisition of Karos Health, Vital is rounding out a robust, customer-centric imaging and informatics solution-set to enable healthcare interoperability," says Jim Litterer, President and CEO of Vital Images. "Vital is excited to offer one modular solution to give CIOs globally the ability to adapt and grow their service delivery without disrupting existing investments."
About Karos Health
Karos Health is focused on elevating the quality of patient care by enabling the sharing and storing of clinical information. Karos' Rialto platform empowers healthcare enterprises to enable cross-community access to information, facilitating collaboration between healthcare providers and patients. Karos' EasyViz is a breakthrough product for image display, delivering diagnostic quality imaging information when and where needed. Rialto and EasyViz are based on open standards that ensure safe and secure handling of patient health information and is backed by a team with decades of experience in healthcare interoperability. For more information about Karos, visit .
About Olea Medical 
Olea Medical®, a provider of advanced MR and CT imaging post-processing, designs and markets a suite of innovative medical imaging applications, Olea Sphere®, significantly improving diagnostic process and follow-up assessment. The company has established a strong credibility, through the domestication of cutting-edge technology, and partnerships with leading institutions worldwide. With proprietary Bayesian algorithms and optimization methods applied to medical imaging, today Olea Medical® is the recognized leader in standardized, vendor-neutral, advanced MR quantitative and qualitative image post-processing. Covering both morphologic and functional imaging, Olea Medical® post-processing solutions bring complex mathematics into clinical practice for easy access to accurate and robust biomarkers for enhanced diagnostic confidence and response-to-treatment assessment. More information at .
About Vital Images, Inc.
Vital Images, Inc., a Toshiba Medical Systems Group company, is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and enterprise informatics solutions to help healthcare organizations deliver exceptional care while optimizing resources across multi-facility organizations. The company's solutions are scalable to meet the unique needs of hospitals and imaging centers and are accessible throughout the enterprise anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit .
*Vitrea is a registered trademark of Vital Images, Inc. Marks not owned by Vital Images, Inc. are the property of their respective holders.
*Vitrea VNA is manufactured by Karos Health.  
*Olea Pulse is manufactured by Olea Medical. 
*Olea Pulse is the offline processing service of Olea Sphere v3.0.
Paul Markham