Vocera Announces New Platform Enhancements to Improve Patient Staff Experience


Vocera Communications, Inc, a recognized leader in clinical communication and workflow solutions, announced that its next generation rounding solution now uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to track satisfaction trends faster and provide sentiment analysis to enable healthcare leaders to quickly understand patient perceptions. Vocera Rounds integrates with a natural language processing service that uses machine learning to identify and analyze key words and phrases.

Real-time situational awareness about patient satisfaction is presented in a new user interface that features an intuitive dashboard with customized smart filters, diagnosis information, and sentiment emojis. It makes all types of rounding easier and more meaningful with tools to prioritize patient populations.

“I’m impressed by the time-saving navigation, unique experience management tools, and new design of Vocera Rounds. We will be able to identify potential issues and trends more quickly,” said Sue Murphy, Chief Experience Officer at UChicago Medicine. “The sentiment analysis with both high-level views and drill-down reports will also be valuable for nurse leaders who need a quick look at how things are going so they can address service issues proactively, and those who need a more detailed view to initiate long-term improvement strategies.”

The customizable user experience of Rounds enables nurse leaders to prioritize rounding based on information about patients’ past experiences, feedback and risk factors. Care teams can customize questions within the rounding tool to gather data about patients’ risk of falling or infection, mental status, skin integrity, and other clinical indicators. Rounds is an award-winning mobile solution used to standardize rounding processes and improve patient, family and staff engagement and experience. More than three million rounds have been conducted across the country in hospitals using the Rounds solution. It is one of four upgraded solutions within Vocera Care Experience, a set of applications designed to engage and educate patients and families from pre-arrival communication to post-discharge follow-up calls.

Part of the Vocera Platform, the newly designed patient and family communication solution, Care Inform, is now accessible from the Vocera smartphone app. Clinicians using the collaboration app to communicate with care teams can also engage with patients and families by launching Care Inform from the mobile app to record personalized discharge instructions. They can also share a range of educational materials in the form of text messages, videos, and support documents.

The Vocera Platform unifies different types of communication at critical touch points in a patient’s journey. Clinicians who engage with patients during rounds, hospital discharge or follow-up care calls can easily send patient requests or service recovery notifications to team members using a hands-free Vocera Badge, Smartbadge, or a Vocera app on their smartphones or web console. Care Experience business intelligence, which now includes sentiment analysis, provides multi-dimensional analysis of patient experience across units and different facilities within a health system to identify gaps and improve processes throughout the care continuum.

“Our Care Experience suite of solutions is integral to the Vocera Platform, helping improve patient communication and education, and ensuring the healthcare experience is as frictionless as possible for patients, families and care teams,” said Brent Lang, president and CEO of Vocera.

About Vocera
The mission of Vocera Communications, Inc. is to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare professionals and patients, while enabling hospitals to enhance quality of care and operational efficiency. In 2000, when the company was founded, we began to forever change the way care teams communicate. Vocera offers the leading platform for improving clinical communication and workflow. More than 1,850 facilities worldwide, including nearly 1,600 hospitals and healthcare facilities, have selected our clinical communication and workflow solutions. Care team members use our solutions to communicate and collaborate with co-workers by securely texting or calling, and to be notified of important alerts and alarms.

They can choose the right device for their role or task, including smartphones or our hands-free, wearable Vocera Smartbadge and Vocera Badge. Interoperability between the Vocera Platform and more than 140 clinical and operational systems helps reduce alarm fatigue; speed up staff response times; and improve patient care, safety, and experience. In addition to healthcare, Vocera is at home in luxury hotels, aged care facilities, nuclear power facilities, schools, libraries, retail stores, and more. Vocera solutions make a difference in any industry where workers are on the move and need to connect instantly with team members and access resources or information quickly. In 2017, Vocera made the list of Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America. Learn more at http://www.vocera.com and follow @VoceraComm on Twitter.