Medical X-ray Detectors Market to Reflect a Holistic Expansion During 2022


Medical X-ray detectors are the devices utilized for evaluating the spectrum, spatial distribution, flux in addition to other features of X-rays. These detectors are mainly of two types imaging and X-ray films detectors.

The X-ray films are now being steadily substituted with various new digitizing devices for example image plates and flat panel detectors. Owing to technological advancements, the overall market is directed towards steady growth by better image quality that has lead towards price reductions. The worldwide medical X-ray detectors market is anticipated for a steady growth with a robust 6.1% CAGR throughout the assessment period 2017-2022.

North America will be the most lucrative region among others and is expected to exhibit a robust CAGR of more than 6% in the coming years, followed by Europe. However, Latin America and Middle East and Africa are considered to be witnessing the highest growth in terms of value, and a remarkable CAGR throughout the projection period. A CAGR more than 4.5% is exhibited in Latin America and Asia Pacific excluding Japan although the latter is significantly bigger based on market size.

Market segmentation by product type

The market on the basis of product type is divided into

Direct Flat-Panel Detectors
Indirect Flat-Panel Detectors
Line-Scan Detectors
Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Detectors
Computed Radiography (CR) Detectors

The computed radiography is estimated to gain one-fifth of the overall market revenue share and is predicted to lose its revenue share over the calculated period.Market segmentation by panel size

The worldwide market is broadly categorized into small-area flat-panel detectors and large-area flat-panel detectors. The large-area flat panel detectors category will be leading the worldwide market in 2017 and is likely to remain unchanged during the period of forecast.

Market segmentation by modality

Based on modality, the market is segmented into two types, fixed detectors and portable detectors. Currently, the fixed detector consists of over half of the overall market revenue share. However, portable detectors will be balanced in terms of revenue and are likely to witness a robust growth over the forecasted period.

Market segmentation by module type

On the basis of module type, the worldwide market is classified into new digital x-ray systems and retrofit X-ray systems. The digital x-ray systems are expected to reach a valuation of above US$ 2 billion through the end of the anticipated period. On the other hand, retrofit systems are gradually losing their market share. Nonetheless, it still holds one-third of the revenue share of the overall market and cannot be overlooked entirely.

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Key Market Players

The major companies operating currently in the worldwide medical X-ray detector market are

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
Onex Corporation
Agfa-Gevaert N.V.
Canon Inc
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
Analogic Corporation
Hamamatsu Photonics k.k
DRTECH Corporation
Rayence Co., Ltd.
Konica Minolta, Inc.