7 reasons why you should join us at the Internet of Health this September


The 3rd Annual Internet of Health conference held in Amsterdam this September, focuses on how IoT will optimise and transform patient care by improving efficiency and overcoming barriers such as security, interoperability and connectivity.

The Internet of Health is an ecosystem event bringing together key decision makers, from medical device manufacturers and hospitals, to healthcare organisations and pharma companies; meaning that you will meet potential future partners important to your Industrial Digitalisation Strategy.

Attendees will leave the conference with a tailored road map to the adoption of smart technologies and the know-how to identify and implement the latest IoT technologies to enhance patient experience and critical business processes. With advice and detailed case studies from thought industry leaders including, UMC Utrecht, Raboud UMC, Medtronic and more, the Internet of Health NL will get you up to speed on all things IoT!

Reasons to attend the Internet of Health:

  1. Access to indepth discussions about the benefits of IoT technologies for the Health ecosystem
  2. Get advice and detailed case studies from thought industry leaders leading active IoT projects
  3. Build your business case for the adoption of IoT to enhance patience experience and business processes
  4. Learn how to how to identify and implement the right IoT technologies for your business
  5. Leave with a tailored road-map to the implementation of IoT and smart technologies
  6. Take advantage of multiple stakeholder panels and seperate clinical and tech streams
  7. The conference is an eco system event bringing together professions from medical device manufacturers to hospitals, healthcare organisations and pharma companies

The Internet of Health will get you up to speed on all things IoT, so join us this September and discover how IoT, AI and data is transforming healthcare as we know it!