Chulalongkorn University hospital in South East Asia migrates to 3D Brachytherap


Nucletron, the world leader in brachytherapy, announced that the third major University Hospital in Asia has migrated their brachytherapy program from basic 2D treatment planning to advanced 3D treatment planning, using the latest brachytherapy solutions from Nucletron.

The Chulalongkorn University Hospital in Bangkok/Thailand treated their first gynecologic patient last week, using their newly acquired microSelectron® Digital remote afterloader, Oncentra® Brachy 3D brachytherapy treatment planning solution, and a range of Nucletron’s CT-MR GYN applicators. Nucletron helped the hospital to perform the treatment planning using MRI information fused into CT images.

Dr. Chonlakiet, Radiation Therapist at the Chulalongkorn Hospital says, It is an exciting experience to have MRI assisted brachytherapy with the latest advanced 3 D treatment planning for our patients.

This makes the Chulalongkorn Hospital the third University Hospital that has introduced Nucletron’s advanced treatment solutions for patients in Asia. Last year, the National University Hospital in Singapore also migrated their brachytherapy program from 2D treatment planning to 3D treatment planning, allowing them to assess the dose delivered to the target and the critical organs more accurately.