COCIR launches Industry Standard on Good Refurbishment Practice for Medical Electrical Equipment


As we all know that medical equipment is often replaced long before the end of its useful life and Hospitals and Health centres across the world uses Refurbished medical equipment

COCIR has taken the lead in developing good practice for the industry.

The process of Refurbishing medical equipment is sophisticated and if not done correctly can pose as much risk as benefit to patients. The GRP Industry Standard sets out requirements for quality, safety and effectiveness in the refurbishment of medical equipment. The GRP Green Paper shows how COCIR member companies, themselves manufacturers, apply these requirements in refurbishing their own equipment.

"Healthcare providers, patients and governments need a consistent and harmonised set of requirements for the safe refurbishment of used medical equipment. This framework needs to be as rigorous and as trustworthy as the regulations which assure the safety of new equipment to ensure the confidence of users," said Heinrich von Wulfen, COCIR president. "There is a cascade of sustained value, both social and economic, which can be released worldwide with the use of refurbished medical equipment," he added.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR secretary general, added: "We believe that the COCIR approach to refurbishment will support policymakers and other stakeholders in setting a sustainable healthcare framework and assist healthcare providers in their purchasing decisions, as well as giving confidence to users and patients about the safety and effectiveness of refurbished medical equipment."