Dexela Introduces Fast, Low Noise CMOS Flat Panel X-ray Detectors


Dexela introduces a family of flat panel CMOS X-ray detectors based on an innovative CMOS sensor design that combines unprecedented speed and superior image quality. The Dexela family of detectors includes a wide range of detector sizes including the largest available CMOS radiography detector. Dexela detectors are suitable for a range of medical applications including mammography and tomosynthesis, breast CT, dental CBCT, fluoroscopy, cardiology and angiographic imaging and bone densitometry, and also some applications in scientific instrumentation and non-destructive testing.

Edward Bullard, CEO of Dexela comments, This is an exciting time for Dexela. The introduction of our family of CMOS X-ray detectors enables OEMs to apply the superior performance of CMOS technology to a much wider range of applications than was possible previously. This creates opportunities for better, faster and more reliable imaging systems.

The major advantages of the technology are high frame rate, low noise, high reliability, absence of image lag and high spatial resolution. The clinical benefits in medical applications are lower radiation dose to the patient (about 50% lower dose in some applications) combined with superior image quality when compared with flat panel detectors based on amorphous silicon sensor technology. Dexela has used the flexibility, speed and low noise of CMOS technology to create detectors that are more flexible, faster, more sensitive, higher resolution and more stable than TFT-based flat panel detectors.