Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When You Are A Poor Sleeper


Sleep is fundamental for health and well being so when you are a poor sleeper, you can end up with a lot of different problems. Poor sleep can result in high blood pressure, depression, and can even end up harming relationships. Getting enough sleep should be your goal and there are steps needed to be taken to ensure you succeed.

There are mistakes made, however, that are the root cause of the poor sleep you have been getting. When you aren’t taking active measures, or the things you are doing are what is causing the bad sleep to begin with, you have to take a step back and make a sleep hygiene plan. Before you call the professionals at SnoozeUniversity, you should stop making these mistakes as soon as possible.

1 – Looking at your devices in bed

One of the most common reasons that people are underslept and miserable is that there are far too many devices that make their way into the bedroom. Before bed people like to think they’re unwinding by looking at their phones or tablets. This is the opposite of unwinding as the stimulation can cause you to start waking up when your brain should be shutting down.

One reason is that looking at your social media feeds is overly stimulating and will either get your brain activated because you are annoyed by what you see, or because you are pleased. The other side of the coin is that the blue light creates an effect on your brain that throws off your body clock.

There is a hormone called melatonin that is what the brain needs to understand that it’s time to sleep. The blue light tricks the brain so none is produced and that causes you to lie awake after looking at the devices.

2 – Not getting enough exercise

Exercise is another important building block for getting enough sleep. It has a lot of other obvious benefits but helping you fix your sleep issues will result in everything else falling into place.

When you are exercising you will be getting tired so at the end of the day your body will be willing to sleep and not fight you since you didn’t exert enough energy.

The other benefit is that you will be increasing your circulation which brings much needed nutrients to your body and brain. This helps to reset your body clock and makes sure that you are going to sleep when ready.

3 – Not modifying your sleep environment

Your bedroom could actually be the cause of your sleep problems. If it has a lot of distracting clutter that makes you feel stressed out instead of comfortable then this is a sign that you need to modify your sleep environment.

Make sure to turn the lights down to get your brain ready for sleep. You should also make sure to use a noise canceling device to block out any outside sounds. When you have your room set up like a cocoon then you’ll get the best sleep of your life.