Emids unveils Generative AI platform EPulseAI for healthcare industry


Emids, a transformation and digital engineering solution for the healthcare and life sciences industry has launched its Generative AI platform, ‘EPulseAI’ by Emids for the healthcare industry.

The platform is targeted at all participants in the healthcare ecosystem in the US—payers, providers, and tech companies, enabling them to drive better outcomes for patients. EPulseAI accelerates product engineering and enhances productivity across the entire product development lifecycle by as much as 50 per cent

The implications of Generative AI in healthcare are truly remarkable. AI is redefining the way we process healthcare data to diagnose diseases, develop treatments and even prevent them altogether. We are thrilled to launch EPulseAI by Emids at a time when the healthcare industry is poised for this digital transformation journey with AI at its core. It is a purpose-built solution that empowers healthcare enterprises to accelerate and expand their Generative AI capabilities,” said Sean Narayanan, Chief Executive Officer at Emids.

Developed in-house, this Generative AI platform kicks off AI centers of excellence in Bangalore and Tennessee for Emids. The platform assists clients in streamlining activities from product ideation to rollout. The integration of EPulseAI into the product development process will enable better products that can improve the quality of medical care, enhance patient outcomes, and elevate customer experience, said the company.

Previously time-consuming tasks that would require several hours of manual effort can now be accomplished in just a few minutes through the new user interface based on Generative AI, resulting in an impressive user experience with human-like interaction. This streamlined approach not only saves time and resources but also paves the way for remarkable advancements in healthcare operations, ultimately benefitting all stakeholders involved.