FUJIFILM India Installs ‘Smart’ MRI Machine At Sarvodaya Hospital


FUJIFILM India has done the installation of the new MRI machine Echelon Smart 1.5 Tesla in Sarvodaya Hospital, Greater Noida West (Noida Extension). The new MRI machine by FUJIFILM India provides functions for patient-friendly acoustic noise reduction (Smart Comfort), operator-friendly operation support and environment-friendly low power consumption.

The device is a 1.5T Superconductive MRI system with the high Image quality of the high magnetic field achieved by FUJIFILM technology and with a flexible site layout inherited from a permanent magnet MRI system.

Divyanu Gupta, Director, Sarvodaya Hospital, Greater Noida West said, “As a hospital, we have always looked forward to expanding our care facilities and bringing the best of technologies and newer dimensions to enhance the community’s healthcare infrastructure. It is very crucial for us to integrate evolving technologies into our system so that patients receive healthcare services of global standards.”

The MRI system has a power consumption of 29 kVA under general conditions and comes with smart technologies including SmartECO, SmartSPACE, SmartCOMFORT, SmartSPEED, and SmartQUALITY. While SmartECO reduces heat generation and provides economical running costs, SmartSPACE has a small footprint and flexible layout.

SmartCOMFORT features soft sound technology that provides a 94 per cent reduction in noise and offers quiet scanning without any compromise with Image Resolution and applies to SE, FSE, FIR, GRE, and DWI sequences. SmartSPEED features Autopose for Brain and Spine under a quick scan plan, besides Whole Body Diffusion, IsoFSE –Single volume acquisition to generate isotropic images in all planes and RADAR- Versatile motion artefact Reduction.

Koji Wada, Managing Director, FUJIFILM India, said, “It is for the first time that the MRI machine comprising myriads of smart technologies developed by Fujifilm is being installed in a hospital in Greater Noida. We are delighted to be able to contribute to upgrading the healthcare quality for the citizens of Greater Noida as well as nearby areas.”