GE Healthcare Announces Expansion of Ecomagination Products Portfolio


GE Healthcare, a unit of General Electric Company, expanded its portfolio of ecomagination products.

GE's ecomagination products are aimed for helping the healthcare companies and hospitals to reduce the cost and waste, while positively impacting the environment. In order to be recognized as an ecomagination offering, each product has to complete a rigorous review process of the operating and environmental performance improvements it delivers to customers.

The GE ecomagination portfolio of over 85 products now includes two new healthcare products and three product categories, including the Centricity Enterprise Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution.

GE Healthcare's Centricity Enterprise software solution is an integrated clinical, financial and administrative Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution that assists hospitals in saving lives, time and money.

GE's WAVE Bioreactor system, used for vaccine and other biotherapeutics production, enables cell culturing without requiring cleaning or steam sterilization by using disposable bags rather than large stainless steel tanks. This reduces water and energy consumption, as well as staff time requirements, compared to the stainless steel bioreactor it replaces. GE's WAVE Bioreactor system reduces annual energy consumption for users by up to 43%, the company said.

GE Healthcare's +PLUSPAKTM polymer bottle for contrast media offers significant advantages over traditional glass packaging, including less cost for waste disposal, reduced storage, and improved workplace safety for healthcare workers who administer contrast media to patients. By using the GE Healthcare +PLUSPAK(TM) polymer bottle, a radiology department can reduce the weight of its contrast media red bag waste by over 75%.