iKang Healthcare announces acquisition of Ommay Health Management Forges Ahead With Its Nationwide N


iKang Healthcare Group, Inc., China's largest private preventive healthcare services provider, today announced that it has acquired a 100% share of Ommay Health Management Co., Ltd., a middle to high-end private medical examination service center in Chengdu that was officially founded in June 2007.
Ommay Health Management is the very first private medical examination service center established in a prime location in Chengdu, and was built specifically for the mid to high-end market. Ommay serves both individual customers and corporate clients including Fortune 500 companies. Its equipment is mainly sourced from top international brands and its lab reagents are mainly supplied by Roche. Furthermore, many physicians working at Ommay come from third-grade A-level public hospitals with the title of associate chief physicians or above. As of today, physicians from third-grade A-level public hospitals are regarded as best trained and most experienced physicians in China. Ommay maintains a strong regional influence, and is well renowned for its high quality of service and stellar reputation.
Mr. Lee Ligang Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of iKang, commented on the acquisition. "Chengdu is one of our key target markets, and by integrating Ommay Health Management into our solid nationwide network, we will expand our self-owned medical centers in Chengdu from 3 to 4. This acquisition allows iKang to continue leading the industry while expanding our product and service offerings in Chengdu, and further consolidate our leading position in second and third tier cities in China."
He continued, "This acquisition also amplifies our commitment to expand and strengthen our leadership position as the largest player in the preventive healthcare services market in China. I strongly believe the addition of the talented medical and service teams in these centers also further enhances our best-in-class brand reputation and I look forward to welcoming them into the iKang family."