Indian Centre, State Not To Safeguard Private Hospitals- SC


On September 5th, the Supreme Court of India ruled that private hospitals, which are commercial organisations and must create their own security arrangements, cannot expect the federal and state governments to provide security coverage.

The Indian supreme court was hearing a case that asked the government to provide proper protection at hospitals and medical facilities to stop attacks on physicians and other healthcare professionals by other people and by patients’ relatives. Justices S. K. Kaul and A. S. Oka’s panel of judges noted that while government hospitals are responsible for setting up security, private hospitals and medical facilities are required to do so as well.

The country’s top court noted that a significant portion of hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities are private ones.

The bench questioned the petitioners’ attorney, people want the government to provide protection to each hospital? The private centres must establish their own security measures. The government cannot be overburdened.

The petitioners’ attorney informed the bench that they would change their plea suitably and submit the necessary documentation.

Because the petition is vague and lacks specifics, they are hesitant to consider it as is. Additionally, they are not inclined to support the ardent prayers offered because private hospitals will be required to have their own security procedures and, because they are commercial enterprises, neither the state government nor the federal government can be expected to provide security protection for them, said the bench.

The bench instructed the list to be brought before the court once the counsel indicated they would change the plea.