India’s First Swine Flu Health Call Center by Apollo Hospitals, inaugurated


The first Swine Flu Health Call Centre by Apollo Hospitals for India has been inaugurated in Madurai by Honorable Union Minister Mr.M K Azhagiri. This swine flu call center is aimed at providing the information to public about the lethal viral infection. The call center will also provide answers to the queries of the people regarding the lethal condition.

Mrs. Preetha Reddy, the Managing Director of Apollo Hospitals has revealed that the call center will become completely operational as a comprehensive health call center in the years to come.

"We want to take up all other diseases and we want to work with the Government.The problem till now was that only the government was handling the supply of medicine. We have already created facilities at Chennai and Hyderabad. We also offer our help to the government as and when required," she said.

Apollo Hospitals would soon create facilities to treat those affected with H1N1 virus at Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi and Madurai